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December 7, 2016

Santa's Workroom by Cass Brumley in Satsuma, Fl.

She writes: The workroom is mainly assembled from bits and pieces that I have found over the years, mostly from thrift stores. The container is an aquarium. It is in perfect condition, nearly new that I found in a thrift store really cheap. I am going to use it as a seasonal display case.

ac161207 Cass Brumley
The elves were Christmas ornaments, except for the 2 small ones. They were found in my late Dad's shop when we cleaned it out after he passed. I have no idea what he intended them for but I think they do well as Santa's toy testers.
ac161207 Cass Brumley
I made the fireplace, the black kettle, Santa's desk and the gingerbread house on the mantle. The gingerbread house is cardboard and paint. I made them all in the 70's The fireplace, kettle and desk are made out of balsa wood. I had no access to anything else at the time. The fireplace instructions were in a book by Marian Maeve O'Brien "Make Your Own Dollhouses and Dollhouse Miniatures". It has held up rather well over the years. I did have to re-glue the back this year. I carved the kettle out of glued up balsa stock and toothpicks. I have used them as part of a Christmas display ever since. All the toys were found in thrift stores at various times over the years.

ac161207 Cass Brumley 


Santa's laptop is a printie Cass found in the Crafts 4 Dolls blog. She adjusted the size and printed it on Satin photo paper.

ac161207 Cass Brumley



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