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December 12, 2017



Maureen Fukushima in Oahu had so many Christmas items she was able to make 3 market stalls, each more intriguing than the next!

She writes:  

The contents came from all over the world....Germany, US, Jan Jones from Tasmania  and England.  Much of it is erzgebirge (wooden) 

The two Christmas market stalls with the shutters given to me by Ursula Heberger are by Volker Arnold


 I don't really know all of  makers' names of some of the miniatures.  I know Ginger Landon Siegel, Natalia Frank, Jan Jones (she did the two "trees" with ornaments on them), Betinha Murta (the train and the sleigh), Christine LeCoutre (the little houses in the grouping), and Ronni from Timber Ridge Studio did the lycopodium sprays for me.  


The stall with  loads of Santas are mostly done by Grace Shaw of Virtual Dollhouse.  


I did the stalls because I fell in love with other people's Christmas market stalls (hence my Pinterest page).  I wasn't sure if I COULD do any as nice as theirs but I think I accomplished that goal (if I do say so myself LOL).  Like I mentioned in the Camp, I never thought that doing these stalls would be as much fun as they were.


I guess Christmas means more to me now because our daughter moved back home and put up a tree (which we didn't have for a few years) and lights on the house (ditto on those too).  Plus the fact that my father's birthday was Christmas Day and my mother's birthday was Boxing Day (the day after Christmas).  


I just love pretty things...and Christmas market stalls are pretty (to me at least). 


Redone Market Stall

ac 171212 Maureen Fucishima


Santa Claus Market Stall

ac 171212 Maureen Fucishima


Christmas Stockings

ac 171212 Maureen Fucishima


Also see market stalls in the wiki



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