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Miniature one sixth scale, scale 1:6, aka play scale projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas


See also Barbie, Midge, Momoko, Sindy, Pullip, Blythe, Lati, BJD, dolls, dioramas, military, Tonner

Wiki page listing all 1:6 Tutorials can be found here.

As for all scales, check pages relevant to a particular project and adjust the scale to 1;6


Sindy Room Divider


Links to 1:6 scale miniature projects

wooden clothespin for dollhouses

Small Treasures

  • photo albums, blog posts, webpages

22 B Baker Street Diorama 


1:6 Scale Websites

RoVille - Dioramas in 1:6 Scale


1:6 Scale Blogs

  • Blogs concentrating on x or categories/labels about it in blogs

Chelley Wood  - costumes for 1:6 dolls

Diagnoosi - see this wonderful dollhouse blog from Sisustusmania!

Emilia Couture - blog

Fashion Doll Review

One Sixth Sense

The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse

Welcome Home - Maryann Roy


1:6 Scale Groups

  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to 1:6 scale.

Doll Divas

Doll Observers (for all Fashion Dolls)

Dolls and Daggers

In the Pink Forum

Playscale Dollhouse - Flickr

Playscale Group- Yahoo group

Playscale Miniatures - Flickr


1:6 Scale Supplies for sale

  • Supplies needed for making 1:6 scale projects.


Miniatures for sale

  • Do you have a section for 1:6 scale projects in your shop? Add a direct link to that item here.

Boston Miniatures - enter playscale into searchbar

Chef Gina's Food

Jamie Kelly Art (portfolio site with links to purchase or commission)

Fingertip Fantasies - from Dollhouse Miniatures.com

Green Gables Dollhouses  -  enter playscale into the searchbar

Hobby Builders Supply - at Miniatures.com

Mini Barbie Home (accessories and re-ment)

Mini Modernistas (has 1:6 Scale section)

NRFB Queen's Re-Ment Miniatures

Play Scale Minis

Re-Ment Food and Accessory Miniatures

Shrunken Treasures - items  made in the Playscale, for Barbie size dolls 11.6 inch in size, unless stated before for special sizes like the toner 16 inch fashion dolls, We do custom building. Room Displays, Furnishings, Rugs, Wall art



  • Books about miniature 1:6 scale projects (also books with chapters about them)


Instructions for 1:6 Scale Miniatures


Miniature printables



  • Wallpapers that go well with 1:6 scale projects 


Other Printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to 1:6 scale projects

Flagstone Template - from Doll Divas

Jim's Printable Minis (entire section in 1:6 scale with a range of printies)




  • links to sites showing how to make items related to 1:6 scale projects

Closet and Storage Ideas - from Doll Divas
Recycling Desk Accessories for PlayScale Props - from Doll Divas
Recycling Bath Product Packaging - from Doll Divas

Walkthrough in reference to below refers to someone who is showing their work and giving some hints and ideas as to how they did but not with step by step instructions.

Diorama Project Walkthrough - from Doll Divas
Modern Kitchen Walkthrough - from Doll Divas
Modern Bathroom Walkthrough - from Doll Divas
Modern Bathroom 2 Walkthrough - from Doll Divas
Model Runway Walkthrough - from Doll Divas



  •  YouTube videos about miniature projects related to this subject

Cash Register - from Chloe’s Dollhouse Things 

Doll High - has several projects eg tools, vacuum


Research/ Inspiration

  • Play scale" is traditionally defined by Barbie, though it's also the scale of GI Joe, larger Sailor Moons, Cy Girls, many Hollywood and rock star figures, Art Asylum's smaller Bruce Lee, Construction Jack's skilled tradesmen, Gearbox military figures, Action Figure Paradise Figures, Soldiers of the World, M&C Power Team figures, and some Ertl hunters. Look for adults in the 11" to 12" range. This is also the scale of 8" child dolls such as Ginny, if used as children, though most are too fat to be compatible with standard 12" adults.
  • Barbie is the major source of furniture, although it tends to be slightly smaller than true 1:6 scale. Test it out by sitting Barbie in a chair etc. before purchasing.

  • Splendid military vehicles are made by New Bright and Army of One. New Ray makes motorcycles. M&C makes fire trucks, etc.


1:6 Scale Fashion Dolls

  • Barbie, Midge (Barbie's Best Friend), Skipper (Barbie's sister)
  • Bratz
  • Moxie Girlz
  • Monster High
  • Cygirls
  • Fashion Royalty
  • GeneA
  • Sindy
  • Horsman Urban Vita
  • Mattel Teen Trends
  • Tyler
  • Action figures


1:6 Scale Asian Fashion Dolls

  • Blythe (also referred to as Big Heads along with Pullips)
  • Hujoo Dolls: Hujoo, Cojoo, Berry, Minihue, Mujoo, Wings and Jake
  • Jenny & Licca 
  • Pullip, Dal, Taeyang, Namu, Byul, Isul, Hestia (also referred to as Big Heads along with Blythe)
  • J-dolls
  • Momoko



Link to Listing for Sizing (imperial and metric) of Linen in 1:6 Scale (from Legendary Tutorials)


Ideas about what is needed for these projects

  • links to inspiring pages

1:6 Dioramas - Pinterest board by Lisa Neault

Barbie Doll Couture - Pinterest board by Sharon Maggott

  • ideas for shop names
  • YouTube videos about the subject





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Comments (10)

Quanita said

at 1:06 am on Apr 21, 2012

Hi... I'm not sure I agree with the item specific tutorials being moved from this area, it is extremely difficult to find tutorials specific to 1:6 scale, now when a miniaturist comes to this page, they wouldn't know where to look for other 1:6 scale specific items? will they come up properly in a search?

Also someone removed my comment about Barbie furniture not being true to scale, the Mattel, Gloria and any other furniture produced for dolls are way too small for 1:6 - Barbie can't sit on a Barbie Couch, she is taller than a fridge, can barely stand up in a Barbie house, etc.

Very Disappointed

johanna janhonen said

at 12:48 pm on Apr 21, 2012

Hi Quanita! I am happy you are raising this conversation and went to Facebook & Twitter asking more comments from 1/6 lovers. I do have some 1/6 dolls myself and did a home for them using mattel furniture but that's all - I am not an expert what it comes to this scale and would love to get more comments from people dedicated to this scale.

johanna janhonen said

at 12:53 pm on Apr 21, 2012

I agree about what you said about the size of the furniture: they are too small for the dolls. This happens also in other scales: e.g.the 1/12 beds are too small.

johanna janhonen said

at 12:59 pm on Apr 21, 2012

So far we have had the pages grouped by the subject, not the scale. I think I can get ideas for making beds in any scale and then just adjust my ideas to my own scale. Of course the materials vary: cant use the the same trash to 1/6 than 1/24 but in general... So tell me what you prefer.

johanna janhonen said

at 1:06 pm on Apr 21, 2012

1. Pages like: beds in general and then also beds1to6, beds1to12...
2. Page for beds including titles: tuts for 1/6, tuts for 1/12...
3. A dedicated page for 1/6 tuts. The same links can be mentioned also in other pages, e.g.on beds page under instructions and under 1/6 subtitle.

Quanita said

at 1:13 am on Apr 21, 2012

Also Removing 1:6 Scale from Sub Headings will make the page less likely to come up in search Engines and give it a lower SEO rating for play scale and 1:6
I don't understand why see also to the 1:6 military section has been removed
I broke Groups up into Forums, Flickr, Yahoo etc, it makes more sense that way since they are all very different types of groups
The Diorama Walk Throughs are Hints and Tips not Links to instructions

johanna janhonen said

at 1:10 pm on Apr 21, 2012

yes, 1/6 should be mentioned on subtitles on this page (true also on other pages: should have the topic name, e.g.beds mentioned on the subtitles).

johanna janhonen said

at 1:13 pm on Apr 21, 2012

good idea to divide the groups to different sections. We could adopt this habit on other pages too once we have enough links to groups on those pages.

Quanita said

at 1:08 pm on Apr 22, 2012

Thanks Johanna, I didn't realise the scale is a problem with lots of furniture even in 1:12, because I don't know a lot about miniatures it is a bit tough. Might put a note then about everyone needing to check the dimensions of furniture, just in case they are too small, but won't make it specific to Barbie, because it could happen with others too.
I think maybe option 3 would be good - a page for dedicated 1to6 tutorials, then we can still have this page the same structure as the other scale pages, but have the links to 1to6 tutorials in two places, one on the 1to6 tutorials page and one on the page with all different scales eg. beds. I will create the 1to6 tutorials page when I get a chance and put the other tutorials back on it.

johanna janhonen said

at 10:21 pm on Apr 22, 2012

Sounds good to me. We are learning from each others, i did not know about 1/6 military projects :). Looking forward the tuts page :). I guess you know how to copy the data from the history of this page?

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