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Miniature 2000's  and other modern projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas

Mini projects from years 2000 to 2009. Not everyone goes for the Victorian or historical look!

See also 2010 for projects newer than this.

Incredible modern lamps by Mini Dork

Links to miniature projects

My newest treasure!


  • photo albums, blog posts, webpages

Alice and her Family - modern dolls by 

Annemarie Kwikkel

Brookwood - by Campbelc

Contemporary Dollhouse Dream Room - by Gloria W

Contemporary Townhouse - by Bonnie Gibson

Dellebeke - Dutch contemporary dollhouse

Glass house - by Lady Jane

Greystone Villa - from Nana's minis

Highlander - from Nana's Minis

Houseproud - NY Times article

Janne's Dream Room - Brita's son Janne made a cool room from very cheap materials as a school project

Modern House - Clearview by Elaine Shaw

Modular Dollhouse

Kissankulma's Shop & Restaurant - by JJ

M112 pods - by PRD

Miniature Urban Sculptures - by Alan Woolfson

My Son's Home - Sirkka minaturised this as a present

Operation Dollhouse: Curbed National - 6 of the top designer (shelter) magazines are battling it out in a contest to make the best dollhouse. They have all started with the same kit.

Peter Tucker - modern interior miniature designer featured on "If it's Hip, It's Here"




  • Blogs concentrating on the modern era or categories/labels about it in blogs

Altera's Mini World

Amy's Miniatures and Smalls

Call of the Small

Dragondee Minis

Dream Dollhouses

Doreen's Miniatures

If Its' Hip, Its' Here


Micro Mini Decor


Mini Modern

Miniatures by Annina


Modern Mini Houses

Musings on Modern Miniatures

My imaginary world

My mini world

My Modern Dollhouses



Room by Room

The Shopping Sherpa



  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to the modern era.

Modern dolls house miniatures - A group for all people interested in dolls house miniature of the different styles dating from Edwardian, to interwar period, wwII, 1950's till today. All in all modern miniature of the 20th century till now. (Preferably 1:12/1" scale items).

Groups in Flickr

Modern Miniatures


Supplies for sale

  • Supplies needed for making modern era projects.


Miniatures for sale

  • Do you have a section for the modern era in your shop? Add a direct link here.

Brinca Dada - dollhouses, dolls and furniture

Dolls House Emporium - Ocean Drive and Lake View Dollhouses

ELF Miniatures - modern furniture

Little Dollhouse Company - carries Brinca Dada Emerson dollhouse, although described as a 3/4 scale house, the rooms are quite large so not too far from 1/12th.

Minimodernistas furniture and accessories

Modern Dollhouse - by Milton Taveres

Modern Furniture and Appliances - SP Miniatures

Modern Miniature Furniture - by PRD Miniatures

Two Storey Townhouse Kit - by Midwest products


  • Books about miniature modern era projects (also books with chapters about it)



Instructions for miniatures


Miniature printables



  • Wallpapers that go well with modern era projects


Other Printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to the modern era



  • links to sites showing how to make items related to the modern era



  •  YouTube videos about miniature projects related to this subject


Research/ Inspiration

Contemporary Design

Crazy fads - If you're looking for 'just the thing' to identify the decade your project is set in, this is a wonderful site

Farnsworth House

Houzz - modern design

Minitecture - 15 ultra-modern designs

Modern Dollhouses - a list by Laura Sweet




Ideas about what is needed for these projects

  • links to inspiring pages
  • ideas for shop names
  • YouTube videos about the subject



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