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miniatures and dioramas


6-Miel-Já escolhi mamis!

This page is collection of miniature blogs in English. Blogs in BOLD are Active Blogs being updated.

The list is in alphabetical order, so scroll down to the appropriate letter and add yours!

Blogs in other languages are listed here.










1 Inch Minis by Kris

1:12 Scale Modern Model Homes - Marion Russek

#12 Grimmauld Place

17-17 Miniatury

19th Day Miniatures



A 1930's Miniature Home

A Beautiful World - Josje's World of Miniatures

A Bee in a Bonnet

A Dollmaking Journey

A Far Place - dolls and animals by Christel Hutson

A Georgian Dolls House

A Greenleaf Fairfield for Miss Lydia Pickett

A Lavender Dilly

A Little More Minis

A Little Roomer by Jaime

A Mini Nut's Minis

A Miniature Life

A Miniature Obsession

A Miniature Place

A Miniature World

A Passion for Miniatures

A Trifle Small

About My Doll Houses

Addams Family Mini-Mansion

Adora Bella Minis

Afan Valley Miniatures

After Dark Miniatures

AiClay - A Haven of Miniature Food

Alais in Miniland

All Tiny Delights

Altera's Mini World

Amazing Miniatures

Amber's House

Americana in Miniature by Connie Sauve

Amy's Miniatures and Smalls

Andrea Thieck Miniatures

Angelique Miniatures - Dolls

Anja's Dollhouse Miniatures

Anna's Minis and Junk

Annie's Small World

Another Cosy Cottage

Another Tiny Obsession

Antique Daisy

Apples Tea Rooms

Architecture of Tiny Distinction

Art of Mini

Artisan of Ocala

Artisans in Miniature

Artist How To

Arts and Miniatures

Ashley's Dollhouse

Ask Tabitha

Asuka Sakumo

Auralea's Miniatures

Ava Teddy - Bears

Baggaley Bears

Baggaley Bears (Prior to May 2018)

Baking in Miniature

Basketcase Miniatures

Beacon Hill Rose Cottage

Bear Cabin Miniatures

Beautiful Mini Blessings

Because the World is Round

Beyond Baffled

Beyond Wonderland

Big and Little Creations

Bistro Miniatures (video blog)

Black Cat Cottage

Bliss Miniatures

Blitherypoop's Half-Bakery

Blue Soup Miniatures

Blueprint Minis

Briarwood Miniatures

Bridget McCarty's Miniature Plush Pets

Brindabella Miniatures

Brooke Tucker Miniatures

Brunstein Miniatures


Calamity Kim

Call of the Small

Call of the Small (prior to Oct 2017)

Camberoo Studios

Candid Canine

Can't Have It Big? Make Mine Mini

Carol McBride Fine Art Dolls

Carol's Handiwork

Carolyn Mohler Kraft

Carolyn's Little Kitchen

Case di bambola - Dollhouses

Casey's Minis

Castle In My Mind

Cauldron Craft Miniatures

Cazro's Mini Property

CDHM - Custom Dolls, Houses and Miniatures


Cherry Berry Miniatures

Cherrywood Miniatures


Christel Jensen

Christine's Creations

Cinderella Moments

Club Little house

Clue: Murder at Bentley Manor

Clover Tea

Colleybirds Miniatures

Colors City


Cookie's World of Historic Dollhouses and Miniatures - My dolls houses cover the Tudor, Elizabethan, 17th century Dutch, 18th century American, 19th century England, and much information is covered about history and makers of magnificent miniature furnishings.

Coombe Crafts Miniature Blog


Country Mini

Court of Gypsies Miniatures

Crafter's Delights

Cramped Quarters Blog

Crazy 4 Miniatures

Creager Studios

Creating Dollhouse Miniatures

Creations from the Heart

Creative Breathing

Cre8tive Cre8tions

Creative Doll

Creative Me and Life

Crown Jewel Miniatures

Cup Cake Fantasy

Custom Styled Dollhouse Kits

CWPoppet's Blog

Cynthia's Minilife



Dab of This and That

Daily Miniature Paintings

Dale Fluty - Dollhouse Designs

Dale's Dreams

Dalton House

DAME - Doll Artists & Miniature Enthusiasts

Dandelion Affairs

Dany's DIY Minis

Dark Squirrel's Miniature Asylum

Dateman Books

Deb's Minis

Debbie's Mini Thoughts and Creations

Deirdres Rabbithole

De-lightful Minis

Deni Dollhouse and Scrapbook Mania

Deni's Villages

Dfly Creations

Diary of a Dollhouse

Diary of an Edwardian Dolls House

DIY Dollhouse Miniatures - From Joann L. Swanson

Doll Knit & Crochet

Doll Mum's Blog

Doll with a Soul

Dollhouse Decorating

Dollhouse Diva's Miniature World

Dollhouse DIY 

Dollhouse Dreams

Dollhouse Escapes

Dollhouse Kitchen Miniatures

Dollhouse Lady's Blog

Dollhouse Miniature Madness and Tutorials

Dollhouse Miniatures 1/12 Private Collection

Dollhouse Miniatures by Felma

Dollhouse Minis

Dollhouses by Robin Carey - Incredible detail!

Dollshouse Daydreams

Double Purr

Dream Art Dolls by Morena Ciambra

Dream Dollhouses

Dreaming of Paris

Dreams in Miniature

Drora's Minimundo - Israeli

Easy DIY Miniatures (Video blog)

Eileen Sedgwick - 1/12 dolls

Ejacreates - Dutch and English

El Desvan de las Hades Miniaturas

Ele B Miniatures and Crafts

Ella-Rose Miniatures

Elly in Amsterdam


Erna Stubbs Miniatures

EV Miniatures


Evas Miniatyrer - Swedish and English

Exotic Dolls by S. Mehreen

Fab Shabby Roses

Fabulously Flawed Miniatures

Fabulously Small

Faerie Tale Cottage

Faerytale Miniatures

Fairies by Anjah

FairyLady & Her Magical Mystery Tour of All Things Fairy

Following Trolltracks

Friday's Child


Gail Lackey Ghosties Fairys and Magical Things

Garden of Imagination

Garden of Miniatures

George the Miniguy - detailed blog about building dollhouses. Check it out if you want to learn techniques and precision carpentry, etc.

Glorious Twelfth

Golden Unicorns Miniatures

Gonda's Mini World

Gonda's Miniature

Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures

Gracie's Mini World (English and Spanish)

Grandmas Attic - Toys and Treasures

Greggs Miniature Imaginations

Grazhina's Page

Hager Bears by Donna Hager

Hambleton Hall

Hanna & Leijona (bi-lingual blog, Finnish, and English)

Harvington Miniatures

Haunted and Spooky Dollhouse Miniatures by Me Midnight

Heather "Maus" (Ermengarde)


Historical Dolls and Figures

Hollyhock Cottage


Honey and Bee

Honey I Shrunk the House

Honeysuckle Hollow

Hugs and Keepsakes

Hummingbird Miniatures

I Love Little Things

I See Cerulean

In Payne - Primarily military models


Inediblog - A Healthy Obsession with Wood

Inspired - A Handmade Production Journal

International Guild of Miniature Artisans, LTD

It's a miniature life

Itty Bitty Things

Jakdaws Attic

James Carrington Dolls

Japanese Dollhouse Ryokan

JDayMinis Tutorials

Jean Bernard

Jean Day Miniatures

Jeff's Miniatures


Jenn's Mini World

Joanne's Minis

Joanne's Minis (video blog)

Jolie's Sanctuary

Joycelyn's Mountfield Dollhouse

Julie Campbell Doll Artist

Julie Lawton's Cottage Kitty Miniatures

Julie Lawton's Little Characters

Julie's Dolls House Blog

JulieTK Bears and Friends

Just a Little Push

Just Miniature Scale

Kabrina's Miniatures

Kaerie Faerie - Journal of a Dollmaker

Karin Corbin Miniatures - follow Karin on her quest to learn new techniques. She is incredibly tool oriented and technical but an absolute master. Currently working on glitter houses.

KathieB's Minis

Katie Arthur Miniatures

Katie's Clay Corner

Katie's Strange World

Kendra's Minis

Kilmouski & Me

Kimmi Lou Miniatures

Kitchen Miniature by Monica Castillo - English and Spanish

Kitty x 2 Creations

Kitty and Kat Miniatures

Kiva's Miniatures

Knight Hall (Ritarisali) - English and Finnish

KT Miniatures Journal



La Belle Brigante

Lara's Miniature World

Last Alliance Studios

Latchkey and Jonquil

Late Victorian English Manor Dollhouse

Laura's Dream Villa

Le Jen Miniature

Le Petit Monde d'Oiseau (The Little World of Oiseau deNim)

Liberty Biberty

Life and Hobbies of Sheltiebud

Life in Miniature by Treefeathers

LifeScaled - Little Lifestyles

Li'll Bits Miniatures

Lilyelf Miniatures

Limited Additions

Linda's Minis

Lindas Miniature Musings

Linden Rose Miniatures


Lirael Dreams

Lisa Johnson-Richards

Little Bits and Pieces by Julie - Julie Warren

Little Dolls' World

Little Lifestyles

Little Luxuries

Little Nest Studio

Little Rabbit Stitching

Little Roomers

Little Rosey Posey

Little Things - Anne Dourou, Greece

Little Time Wasters


Looking Glass Miniatures

Lorraine Miniatures

Lotjes Doll's House




Mad Sculptor

Madness in Miniatures

Maiden America

Magical Miniatures

Make it Small

Make Mine Mini  - by Debbie McGrath

Make Mine Mini - by Norma

Making Dolls House Miniatures

Mandy's Place

Manhattan Dollhouse Blog

Marfolhuz miniatures - English and Dutch

Marianne's Miniverse

Marion's Miniatures

Mark Turpin Architecture in Miniature

Marleen's Miniaturen - English and Dutch

Marlies and Minies

Mayci Art

Me and Minis

Meiwei Huang Handmade - English and Chinese

Mel's Miniatures

Merriman Park

Mes Petits Pieds-a-Terre

Michelle's Mad World

Michelles Miniatures

Mike's Miniatures

Milli Mary's Miniatures - English and Finnish

Mimmi's Dollhouse

Miniaturowa Moda (Miniature Fashion) - Polish and English

Mindy Max Miniatures

Mini Babies

Mini Beginnings

Mini Confessions

Mini Eats

Mini Flowers

Mini Gourmet Cuisine - Greek and English

Mini-Haven  - by Lidi Stroud who makes wonderful baskets. See also her photo pages: Flickr and  Photobucket

Mini Mago, Inc.

Mini Making Grandma

Mini Menagerie

Mini Minimal Design

Mini Mischief

Mini Mod Pod

Mini Modern

Mini Ramblings and Musings

Mini Southern Millworks

Mini treasures - JJ's blog for sharing news about Mini treasures wiki

Mini Tutes from Orr Lake


Miniature Allsorts

Miniature Chef

Miniature Dreams

Miniature Endeavors

Miniature Food

Miniature Gardening (video blog)

Miniature House

Miniature Miniatures - Neil Corkin

Miniature Mumblings

Miniature Treasures

Miniature Warfare

Miniature Whims

Miniature Wonderland

Miniaturemaid's Crafting Blog

Miniatures Absolutely

Miniatures and Mindfulness

Miniatures by Annina

Miniatures by Erika

Miniatures by Minibuilder

Miniatures by Rachel

Miniatures Forever

Miniatures Perfectly Small - by Lynn Jowers





Minifee's Miniwelt

MiniMumLoon - English, and Dutch



Minituts from Orr Lake

Minna's Miniatures - English and Finnish

Minnie Kitchen



Miracle Chicken

Misty's Musings

MitchyMoo Miniatures

Mockingbird Hill Cottage

Modern Dolls House

Modern Mini Houses

Modern Miniatures Whitledge-Burgess

Mollamari Creations

Mollysue Miniatures

Moon's Miniatures

More Minis

Mostly Art

Mountfield Dollshouse


Muffa Miniatures

Musings on Modern Miniatures

My Dollhouse

My Dollhouses by Grazhina

My Dream Dollhouse

My First Mini Build

My Greenleaf Dollhouses

My Little Country House - Half English, half Finnish blog

My Little Mochi

My Mini Country

My Mini Madness - Chris from Canada (Toronto) works in 1/4 scale.

My Mini World

My Miniature Adventure

My Miniature Madness

My Miniature World - Chrissie

My Miniature World - Jennifer

My Miniature World - Rebecca Micallef

My New Adventures in Miniatures and Blogging

My Petit Parterre

My Realitty

My Small Obsession

My Tiny World: Dollhouse Miniatures

My Wee Life

My Willowcrest Blog

My World on the Table

Myrtlewood Manor




Nancy Cronin Miniature Dolls

Nancye's Miniatures


Nasun Mukkekoti (Piglet's dollhouse) - In Finnish and English

Natalia's Fine Needlework

Nature's Soul Miniatures

Needle Felted Art

Nell Miniminis -Miniature miniatures by Nell Corkin 1/144 scale


Nina's Mini Creations

Nix+Gerger Studio

NJD Miniatures 

Northern Miniatures

Not a House for Dolls

Oiseau deNim

On Being a Mini Mum

One of a Kind Clay Sculptures and Minis

Orsis Minis (Orsi's Minis)  In English and Hungarian

Otterine's Miniatures

Our Wildest Dream: A True Crime Blog of Filmmaking

Over the Silver Moon

Paper Doll Miniatures

Paper-iffic Crafts

Papillon Bleu UK

Paris Miniatures

Patrick Duclou Miniatures

Patrisan - Italian and English 

Peach Blossom Hill

Pei Li's Miniatures

Penelope's Dollhouses

Peppercorn Minis

Perfect Miniatures on my Mind - English, and Portuguese

Peter Tucker Roomboxes Etc.


Petit Plat - Handmade miniature food

Petit Connoisseurs

Petite Creation

Petite Framboise - Small Raspberry - French and English

Petite Properties Ltd

Petite Wonders 28

Pequeñeces (Spanish and English)


Pie in the Sky


Pink Wishes and Shabby Dreams

Pipecleaner Crafts (video blog)

Piskies and Poppets Tips and Tricks

Pixie Dust Miniatures

Plush Pussy Cat

Polkadot Toadstool



Princess Lola's Miniature Diary


Pulchinella's Cellar Miniatures

Pussman & Co



Quarter Scale Miniature Dolls

Raggedy Kingdom

Random Meanderings

Real Baby Fantasy

Real Life Dollhouse Miniatures

Rebecca's Collections

Remme Dollhouse

Ris' Toybox Blog

Rita's Miniatyrhus

Ronfel Miniatures

Sab's Mini Interiors

Sasha's Mini World

Sassy Mini Dolls

Scarlet Sails Miniatures

Schneewalski - in German and English

Sculptures by Brittney Gobble

Sculptures by Leora - in German and English

Shabby Chic Green Cottage - In Finnish and English  - NOTE: Many photos missing

Shannon's Mini Blog

Sharon's Minis

Shenandoah & Stuff

Silke's Miniatures

Slipstream Jain

Small and Stately

Small Bakery

Small Packages

Small Stuff of Mine

Smallhouse Models

Snowfern Clover

So Mini Projects

Somerset House, A Project

Spooky Hollow by Carmen Ellis

Spooky Little Things


St Albert Mini

St. Hilary's Miniature Church



Studio E

Style in Scale

Sugar Baby Creations

Sugar Charm Shop (video blog)

SunnyClay Tutorials (video blog)

Susan Trodden

Susan's Mini Homes

Susan's Minitalk 

Sylvia Mobley at Pinerose Studio

Synnoves et Dukkehjem - SYNNØVE a Doll's House

Tabitha Corsica

Tales From A Toymaker

Talullah-Belle Originals

Tams Minis

Taynas Minidolls


The Awkward Flamingo

The Bungalow

The Craft Pack Company

The Creative Doll

The Den of Slack

The Dollar Store Dollhouse

The Dollhouse At Pooh Corner

The Dollhouse Diaries: The Beginning

The Dollhouse Diaries: My Maharaja's Palace

The Dollhouse Project

The Fantasy Forest

The Fabulous Farmhouse

The Florist's

The Frugal Dollhouse Addict

The Garfield Blog

The Garfield Manor

The Giddy Kipper

The Happy Thoughts of a Mini-Making Mum

The Haunted Construction Company

The Homemade Dollhouse

The Jujube Room English and Italian

The Kinfield - A Dollhouse Chronicle

The Mini Dragon Queen

The Mini Food Blog

The Miniature Bazaar

The Miniature Cake Shop Blog

The Miniature Curiosity Shop

The Mouse Market Blog

The National Museum of Toys / Miniatures

The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse

The Pin Factory

The Shopping Sherpa

The Spruce - Miniature Models & Dollhouses

The Sunny Hours 1:12 Miniatures

The Tenement

The Tudor / Medieval / Jacobean / Queen Anne Dollhouse Project

The Twice Remembered Cottage

The Weasley's Burrow in Miniature

The Whittaker's Miniatures

The Witch's Cottage

The Wonder of Miniature Worlds

This and That Miniatures and Life

Tiny Crafts

Tiny Delights

Tiny Hands

Tiny Ter Miniatures - English and Spanish

Tiny Treasures

Tiny Things' Journal

Tiny Treasures

Toys and Treasures for Sale

Tracibobs Mini's

True2Scale - Miniature glitter houses, printables, inspiration, Photoshop tutorials

Tulsa Tiny Stuff


Tweety Petie Products



Ullabenulla: Doll Houses and Miniatures

Une Petite Folie

Uneek Musings

Urban Elves

Very Little Humor

Vesper Miniatures

Vintage Dolls Houses

Vinweeda Magic

Visionary in Miniature

We Love Miniatures

We Love Miniatures - YouTube

Wendies Mini World

Widdle Hinges

Willowshimmer Designs

Witch And Wizard Miniatures

Wizards and Wands

Woolytails Miniatures


Works in Progress

World of Wendy Lu

Yolanda Meow (video blog)


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