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Miniature books, libraries, and book store projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas

Do you have book lovers in your mini projects? Do you have a library or bookstore?

 ** see also mystery house projects on the fairy tales page, and roomboxes in books page

Dollhouse hobby reference books are in the books page.


Murder Incorporated Bookstore 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature

Links to miniature book projects

Manor Library -7

pic here

mini books
MinilibrosDollhouse miniature modern original hybrid lounge chair-bookcase
How to make miniature books
Rue du Savonner S2E6 - A Woman Scorned 7
A.D.M.I.'s miniature - Messy library
Cofee Time!books for a bookcase
  • photo albums, blog posts, webpages

Books/Library - from Miniatureprojects

Book Nook - by Judy Ferguson

Bring a book to Life Contest - Miniature Collectors Club

Book Scenes - using Michaels papier-mâché books by Terri of Applegate Miniatures

Flourish and Botts - by Mary Ciccolella

Hawthorne's Rare Books - by Iris March

Library - from Antonio Marcos Museum

Library - by Beth Bergman, Minimanor

Library - by Dr Bob

Library Roombox - by Nora

Miniature libraries and Studies - Pinterest board by Judith

Murder Incorporated Shop - by Ann Maselli Freeland

Pop-up Book by Angelika

Rip Van Winkle - by Shannon Moore

Sophie's Books and Coffee - from My Mini Hobby by Jodi Anderson

Storybook House - check this dollhouse with decorated with storybook themes

Various books -  seed catalogues, nursery books, by Doreen Playter


  • Blogs concentrating on making miniature books or categories/labels about them in blogs



  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to making miniature books.

Libripiccini and Libripiccini 2 - Italian groups

Mini-books and Minibook Prints - for personal use only!

Minifiles - by Marianne and Saskia

MSAT Miniature Books

MSAT Miniature Books Files


Supplies for sale

  • Supplies needed for making miniature book projects.

Tim Holtz - scrapbooking, stamps


Miniatures for sale

  • Do you have a section for miniature books in your shop? Add a direct link to that item here.

BB Miniatures - by Barbara Brear of SA

Dateman Books

Jean Day Miniatures

Lee Ann Borgia Miniature Books - large collection of Golden Books and other childrens' books, as well as adult books

Literature in Miniature - museum quality miniatures for connoisseur collectors

Michelle's Miniatures - Australia





  • Books about making miniature book  (also books with chapters about them)


Instructions for miniature books


Miniature library or book printables


Book Wallpapers

  • Wallpapers that go well with miniature book projects


Other Book Printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to miniature books

album1972 Modella Regalfüller aus Pappe1972 Modella Regalfüller aus Pappe - Geschirr

Assorted Books - children and adult

Books - from Eusimaki, 4 pages on this link, see menu to left

Childrens Books Online - collection of antique books

Dollhouse Miniature Books with readable labels - from Nice Paper Toys

Library Books

Magazines - by Joanne Swanson

Micro Book Tutorial - by Maylar on Deviant Art

Mini Mags - mini7675, more in this album

Minibooks - from Ziggy Snow

MiniBooks - by Dimitri

Mini Notebook - from Vintage matchbooks

Old Book Textures - from Fizzimo

Realistic Minibooks - from Dollar Store Crafts


Dust Jackets

ERB Graphics - Dust jackets for Edgar Rice Burroughs

Lady Bluestocking - vintage books

See also printables


Miniature Book Links

  • links to sites showing how to make items related to miniature books

Antique Books -tutorial on Facebook from Jennifer’s Miniatures 

Best Laid Plans

Book Binding - Japanese site

Bookcase in a Bell Jar  - by Rusticraft in Instructables 

Books by Le Monde en Miniatures (French)

Book Holder - from Lookaside by Tanya Waughman

Browsing Deviant Art - various tuts

Library Ideas - by Kim

Library Scene with Book Background - by Myra J in Instructables

Magazine Holders - from Littleroomers

Making Books (balsa wood) - from About My Dollhouses

Miniature Scrolls - from Itty Bitty Adventures

MiniBook Photo Tutorial - by Ruth Bleakley

Mini Books in Minutes - from It's a Mini Life

Mini Origami Book by Paper Kawaii

Miniature Books and Magazines - printies and tuts Pinterest board by Robyn Donald

Miniature Children's Book - The Den of Slack

Photo Album - by Victorian Cats Dreams

Printie Books - how to make your own by Julie Old Crow

Prize Magazine - tips on printing, inserting pages, etc.

Romantic Notepad - Jicolin

Stacks of Books Part 1 - from 1inch minis by Kris

Stacks of Books Part 2 - from 1inch minis by Kris

The Consummate  Bibliophile - from Joanne Swanson



Research/ Inspiration about books and libraries


Miniature book Tips/Hints


Closed books

  • Used scrapbook paper or paper printed from the internet.  Joanne's has a scrapbook paper which resembles leather - don't forget those textured paint sample squares from the DIY Centre! Try real leather from old wallets or gloves from the thrift store.  For the edging, it is really important to use extremely thin leather or skiver.  

  • A stamp pad gold or champagne ink or an “old paper” or “tea dye” ink provides the coloration for the edges, making a more realistic look than stark white. I didn’t want white). Color the edges before the cover is attached.  The stamp pad ink allows the pages to be opened, whereas paint or marker will make them stick together.  Your choice.
  • Of course, sometimes, you don’t want the pages even and you want your books bigger and a little less “nice” looking, for a magical or medieval scene.  Make them thicker, wider and a whole lot dirtier, using a less delicate leather on all of these and then all manner of things to age the leather. Sand, ink, stain, re-sand, re-stain….until satisfied. Chalks and sometimes plain old dirt are useful.  


About open books:

  •  Start with a same book “blank”, attach the cover and then press the book open, usually in the middle.  If the binding is glued sufficiently, it should not fall apart.  For open books, use paper that has been aged to a cream or tan color.  Put a bookmark ribbon down the center - glue a piece of silk ribbon into the binding at the top and then drape it over the page.
  • The two “printed” pages are made in several ways. Print out whatever the selected test/pictureI want on a pre-tea stained piece of parchment or tracing paper.  Then cut it to size and glue it over the blank page.  The parchment pretty much disappears.  Or just add two printed pages (same paper as the book) to the center with glue and press them back.  Then add the silk ribbon.  It will be necessary to weight the book in the open position for a while to keep it from closing.  Press it between two pieces of thin wood with spring clothespins.
  • To fill the bookcase, cut foam-core to size, paint the edges with gold paint and cover them with scrapbook paper.  They cannot be removed from the bookcase.
  • Add paper details to the leather covers easily.  One trick to make the paper look like part of the leather is to rub it lightly with petroleum jelly (just a teensy dab) and buff it with a cloth.  It soaks into the paper and makes it somewhat translucent. 
  • If you are even the least bit computer literate, you can reduce and print out covers and text for your mini books.  Of course, on the smallest sizes, it will not be legible so it really just depends on what your final goal is. 
  • Hundreds of books are on the Project Gutenberg site. These are copyrighted by this project but are otherwise free because they were published pre 1925. Permission is needed to print more than 10% of any book, but just the cover and facing pages for an 'open' book display, or just the cover for a shelved or stacked bunch of books, is less than10 %.

Ideas about what is needed for these projects

  • links to inspiring pages 

Bookshelves - Pinterest album by Susimoon

Handmade Books on Pinterest - by Ruth Bleakley

Library of Little Books - article in NY Times

Little Readers  - on Pinterest by Kate West

Mini Books - Pinterest board by Nila Cn


  • ideas for shop names


Between the Covers

Book "em Dano!

Books n Beans

Books n Bites

Bound to Please

Dog earred

Gilded Page

Open Book

Pen and Parchment

The Last Page

Turn the Page




  • YouTube videos about the subject



  •  YouTube videos about miniature projects related to this subject

Miniature Books - from Steve Putnam Designs



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