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Miniature candelabrum (candelabra) projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas


 See also lanterns candles chandeliers


Jeanne Call’s Parisian Salon

Links to miniature projects



  • photo albums, blog posts, webpages


Candelabra in blogs

  • Blogs concentrating on x or categories/labels about it in blogs


Miniature Candelabra groups

  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to x.


Candleabra Supplies for sale

  • Supplies needed for making candelabra projects.


Miniature candelabrums for sale

  • Do you have a section for candelabrum in your shop? Add a direct link to that item here.


Candelabra books

  • Books about miniature candelabra projects (also books with chapters about them)


Instructions for miniature candelabrum


Miniature candelabra printables


Candelabra wallpapers

  • Wallpapers that go well with candelabra projects


Other candelabra printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to candelabrum


Candelabra links

  • links to sites showing how to make items related to candelabrum

Christmas Candelabra - made from champagne cage, Finnish blog with translations


Miniature candelabrum videos

  •  Videos about miniature projects related to this subject


Research/ Inspiration about candelabrum


Candelabra Tips/Hints


Ideas about what is needed for candelabrum projects



Links to inspiring pages



Ideas for shop names dedicated to candelabrum



Videos about the subject





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