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Miniature character dolls for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas



This page is a collection of character doll projects

For instructions, links and research to make, assemble and costume the doll, see diy character dolls, Ball Jointed Dolls

Materials used to create dolls - polymer clay, air dry clay

also see hair, dresses, clothes, fashion


General Store Kid, Corey Moore 1:12 Scale Miniature Doll

Links to miniature character doll projects

  • photo albums, blog posts, webpages
Louise Nevelson Miniature Art Doll
pic 2
pic 3

pic 4


Adagio725 - realistic, handcrafted dolls by Prudence Shorter

Alice Ann and her Clothes - by Marcie Vanederen

Blues Lady 66

The China Doll - Pinterest Board by Connie Sauve

Gallery - Christa Chayata

Marilyn M, Eliz T and Audrey H - by Gina Bellous, breathtakingly real!

Images of Santa Claus - larger than 1/12, but a lot of ideas here! also Halloween and fairies

Kim's Miniature Doll Artistry - gallery by Kim Murdock

Male Dolls - by Rita B, costumed with paper

Minidollights - Val Monroe

My Miniature Market - by Jennifer's Printables

Nancy Cronin

Nin the Cat

Wanna in El Paso

Woman Dolls - by Rita B

Wool Felt Dolls - by Adagio 725

Worinac -  Rita in Germany


Miniature Doll Blogs

  • Blogs concentrating on character dolls or categories/labels about them in blogs

Art Dolls - by Claudine Roelens

Dolls from the Attic

Dolls and Bears - 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Dollmakers Muse - Art Doll Blog of Rivkah Mizrahi

Dollsnmini - by Nathalie Mori

Dollzmania - resourse for costuming, ethnic styles and games

Gina C. Bellous Miniature Dolls - free tutorials

Julie Campbell Doll Artist

Mad Sculptor - by Mark Dennis, fabulously graceful projects

Mastercraft Chronicles - art doll bolg

Micro Dolls - by Daniela Keifhaber, posable

Mike Barbour Miniature Character Dolls


Nancy Cronin Miniature Dolls

Pathy's Dolls

Primadoll Dolls

Sarajane's Dolls

Sculpting Tutorials

Susie McMahon Dolls


Miniature Doll Groups

  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to character dolls.

MSATMiniDolls - Yahoo group, Minidolls Tips Archive

MSAT MiniDoll List - website

Frills and Fancy E-zine

Hazel Dowd Workshops - Yahoo group


Miniature Dolls for sale

  • Do you have a section for character dolls in your shop? Add a direct link here.

Angelique Miniatures, UK - Ballet, fashion, fairies

Bags of Character - by Carol Bull, ladies and gents of a "certain age"

Butterfly Minds - by Sue Farmer SA

Cake Toppers and Character FIgurines - Lots of ideas here!

Carabosse Dolls - by Maria José Santos

Characters in Miniature - Cornelia Koehler. Take a look at the gallery! Wonderful caricatures of real people interacting.

Chris' Miniatures - by Christiane Lourier 

Colvin Studio - by Nin the Cat, AKA Sherri Colvin

Creager Studios - Jodi and Richard Creager, Doll Artists

Cynthia Howe Miniatures

Doll Mine Miniatures - Sharon Cariola

Diminutive Dolls

Dolls and Critters - from Nicky CC

Doreen Sinnett - Doreen has passed away, but duaghter Drena Wesr is carrying on with her mother's dolls and molds.

Enchanted Dolls

Eve the Cat - BJD - These are by far the most expensive, they come with full face-up and body blushing, wig, eyes, changeable hands and feet as well as a set of undies and clothes. 

Gallery of Little People - Elle Piccolo

Holodeck 3D studios -your selfie in miniature and more

Fashion Dolls in Miniature - by Helena Reijnen

Figma Archetype Dolls - Reasonable price, need work, hair, face painting and clothes but also very flexible and nicely scaled

Folly Folk Dolls - period costumed dolls

Gayle Dolls - 1/12 and 1/4 scale dolls

James Carrington Dolls

Jan Stockwell Dolls - 1/48 scale character dolls

Lady-bug Fairies

Lorrie´s Little People

Lucie Winsky Dolls

Maria Narbón - custom dolls

Marie-France Beglan Dolls' House Dolls

Micro Dolls - by Daniela Keifhaber, posable

Pocket Pygmies - by Jo Medvenics

Regalia Miniature Dolls

Rebecka's Personalities - unique character dolls

Sally Reader Miniatures - tiny Dolls, toys and Teddies

Sassy Minidolls

Shoppe of Dolls - by Lynn McEntire

Stacy Hofman

The China Doll - Connie Sauve

Tower House Dolls

Twin Fir Dolls

Viola's Dolls - by Viola Williams

Vynette's Dolls- Vynette van der Heijden


Resin Dolls

  • popular and used like Fisher Price dolls and train model figures in scenes

Just Miniature Scenes 



  • Books about miniature character doll projects (also books with chapters about them)

Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy  - Christopher Hart

Drawing The Head and Figure - Jack Hamm






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