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How to say "Dollhouse" in different languages

Celebrities own dollhouses, and they are featured in movies as well as commercials and in newspaper articles - see celebrity dollhouses

See also doll, miniature and roombox.

See also dollhouses (listed by manufacturer), dollhouses built by oneself, how to make a dollhouse and dollhouses redone.

The list of translations is based on collection made by Minna.

outside of paper house The Blue Room...with dollshousepetite fille  et sa maison de poupée



Afrikaans: poppenhuis

Albanian: shtëpi kukullash

Arabic: :دمية 

Belarusian: лялечны домік

Bulgarian: куклена къща

Catalan: casa de nines

Chinese (simplified): 儿童游乐室

Chinese (traditional): 兒童遊樂室

Croatian: kućica za lutke

Czech: domeček pro panenky

Danish: dukkehus

Dutch: poppenhuis

English: dollhouse / dolls' house

Estonian: nukumaja

Filipino: bahay-manika

Finnish: nukkekoti or nukketalo

French: maison de poupées

German: Puppenhaus, Puppenstube

Greek: kuklospito, κουκλόσπιτο

Hebrew: בית בובות

Hindi: गुड़ियाघर

Hungarian: babaház

Indonesian: rumah boneka / boneka

Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge): teach bábóige

Italian: casa delle bambole

Japanese: ningyounoie, ドールハウス

Korean: 인형집

Latvian: leļļu namiņš

Lithuanian: lėlių namelis

Norwegian: dukkehus

Persian: خانه عروسکی

Portuguese: casa de bonecas

Polish: domek dla lalek

Romanian: căsuţă pentru păpuşi

Russian: kukolnij dom, кукольный домик

Serbian: Кућица за лутке

Slovak: domček pre bábiky

Slovenian: Hišica za lutke

Spanish: casa de muñecas

Swedish: dockskåp, dockhus

Thai: บ้านตุ๊กตา

Turkish: bebek evi

Ukrainian: ляльковий будиночок

Yiddish: דאַלכאַוס


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