Miniature general store projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas

General stores, an older term used to describe smaller stores, one floor, sell just about everything...department stores are the modern version, larger with floors of merchandise

see kitchens, haberdashery, groceries, food and look on the workshop page for hardware items as well as pages with shop tag.

For RL shops selling miniature goods, see shops


Miniature 1940's General Store

Links to miniature General Store projects




Corner Store - from Kleine Leute (German)

Country Store - by Rita Pierce

Emporium - by Fern Rouleau

General Store - by Elk

General Store - from Miniature Madness Ann Masceli's Flickr album

General Store -by Ichar

General Store - by John Stapes

General Store - by Judy Ferguson

General Store - Museum recreating the 1920's, from Messynessychic

General Store Products

Ginzberg Department Store - by Fern Rouleau

Harold Parker's Store

Higgins General Store - by Raven's Wing

Meet the new Baby!

Stocking the store

What can I get for you?


General Store Blogs


General Store Groups


General Store Supplies for sale

Cigar Store Indian - Wright Guide minis has many vintage groceries as well

Store Shelving Unit - Les Main Calmes (written in French)


Miniature General Stores for sale





Instructions for miniature general stores

Miniature general store printables

General Store Wallpapers

Other General Store Printies

General Store Links




Research/ Inspiration about General Stores

Things in a store:

Miniature General Store Tips/Hints

 Ideas about what is needed for these projects

Lincoln's General Store - c. 1850

Sturbridge Village Store

Window to the Past - by Grazhina



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