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Halloween miniature projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas


See the other wiki pages with Halloween tag and also Halloween food, special effects

Also see pages with shop tag.


Halloween by Doreen Playter http://doreensprojects.blogspot.com/2009/10/halloween-project.html

 Ahhh, Fall, trees shedding their leaves, a different kind of light from the sun, nippy temperatures.

Remember the excitement of planning a costume, going out with your parents after dark, being asked into the house and having to "perform" - sing a song, recite, dance, before you would get a treat? Treats were candied apples, popcorn balls, candied corn, Chicklets in little packets of 2 pieces ....

Yelling "Halloween apples" or "Trick or Treat"!

Unicef boxes for children overseas. The neat Dad on the street who hooked up his house with all sorts of spooky visual and audio effects that scared you silly!

Inspecting your loot once you got home? Being told "don't eat all that, you'll get sick - save some for later."


dark feast handmade dollhouse table
halloween treats
Preparando Halloween
Casa de brujas en Invierno
Collector Wizard Enchanted Red Hutch
Día de muertos
Mini Halloween Scene
Opus Rosa, the Halloween dollhouse miniature rose

Spooky House (Work in Progress) 005

Ready for trick or treating ^-^


Links to Miniature Halloween projects

  • photo albums, blog posts, webpages

12 Days of Halloween - by Chris Verstrade

Adams Family Mansion

Behind the Green Door - by Wanna in El Paso

Coffin from Eyeglass Case - from A Small Hearts Desire

Darkside Manor - by Marlie

Dancing Broom - by Karin Foster on Littleroomers Blog

Entertaining Witch - by Wanna in El Paso

Ghoulianna's Garden- by Wanna in El Paso

Halloween Baby House - by Carolyn Roach

Halloween Challenge - by Jaz Ash, Jazminis

Halloween Creations - by Ericka Van Horn

Halloween Dome - by Bonnie Gibson

Halloween in and Out - by Fannye

Halloween Gallery 2011 - from About.com

Halloween House - by Laura Miller, Minis 'n More

Halloween Hutch

Halloween in Miniature 2009 - wizards and dogs by Christine Verstraete

Halloween in Miniature 2010 - Christine Verstraete

Halloween Party - by Asuka Sakumo

Halloween Party - from Jocelyn's Mountfield Dollhouse

Halloween Poem - from Maiden America

Halloween Roombox - by Mary

Halloween Shop - by Betsy Neiderer

Halloween Shop - by Jan in NJ (mini7676)

Halloween Scenes - by Char

Halloween Scenes - by Love Manor

Halloween Scenes - from Miniprojects

Halloween Scenes - by Greenleaf

Halloween Shop - by April Gill

Halloween Story - by Doreen Playter

Halloween Table - by Sonja Luycx

Halloween Trick or Treat - by Rita Pierce

Haunted Treasures - by Patricia Paul

Heartland Hollow - by Elsbeth

Pumpkin Prep Table

Spell Book Scene - by Terri of Applegate Miniatures

Spook Hill - from Big Indoor Trains

Sweet Halloween Memories - by Judy Lauson

The Twelve Days of Halloween - by Maiden America

Trick or Treat - by Angelhare

Vultures - this person makes vultures out of flamingos, and uses hands and feet painted to look like lunch!


Miniature Halloween costumes

Ladybug Costume - by Rhonda King's blog Rhonda's stuff, Dec 2010

Halloween Costumes - by Angelhare


Miniature Halloween Roomboxes

Halloween Roomboxes - by Sherry Glock, Arlington Texas

Halloween Roombox - by Debbie McGrath


Miniature Halloween Swaps

Finnish Horror swap

Halloween Swaps - ideas from Corine Deschuyutter


Halloween Blogs

  • Blogs concentrating on Halloween or categories/labels about it in blogs

Cauldron Craft Miniatures

Ghoul Friday

Wendie's Mini World - Dracula, Frankie and all sorts of wonderful things!


Halloween Groups

  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to Halloween.

Halloween Forum

Spooky Halloween Dollhouse miniatures @ Flickr


Miniature Halloween Supplies for sale

  •  Supplies needed for making Halloween projects.

Glow in the Dark Thread - from Sublime Stitching



Miniature Halloween items  for sale

  • Do you have a section for Halloween in your shop? Add a direct link to that item here.


EV Miniatures - by Ericka Van Horn

Halloween Miniatures pages 1 and 2 - by Alice Zinn

Halloween Miniature Lighting - by Marie's Miniatures

Halloween by Mirabella, in Connecticut

Innovative Train Technology - sound effects for your house!

Little Bits of Goodness - a lot of Halloween stuff

Miss Elvira - BJ Miniatures

Todd Kreuger Designs

Witchy Wonders - by Marie Whomes


Halloween Books

  • Books about miniature Halloween projects (also books with chapters about it)


Instructions for Halloween miniatures


Miniature Halloween  printables


Halloween Wallpapers

  • Wallpapers that go well with Halloween projects


Other Halloween Printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to Halloween

Candy Labels, Liquor Labels and Potion Labels - from Love Manor

Halloween Clipart - free signs from Cartoon Cottage

Halloween Houses - from Minis n More 

Halloween Printies - from About.com

Halloween Projects - from Born to Haunt

Halloween Hatbox  and Instructions - from Dragonfly international, goes with Straw Hat Tut

Halloween Pedlar's Cart - from DIY Dollhouse Minis, Joanne Swanson

Halloween Treat Bags - from Jim's Dollhouse Pages

Haunted Paper Toys - from Ravensblight

Indoor/Outdoor Scene - in dome using swap items, from Small packages

Make a Haunted Farm for a Halloween Village From Free Printables - from About.com (also see glitter houses)

Potion Labels - from Over the Moon

Wilted Bouquet -  Tutorial from Minidollights


Halloween Links

  • links to sites showing how to make items related to Halloween

Are You Working on Halloween Miniatures? - from About.com

Boo-Drop Inn - Michaels Project

Cheesecloth Ghost - If more substantial ghosts are required, use tissue paper. A flickering tealight (battery powered! LOL!) set underneath is very effective. For an alternate form, try draping a plastic doll in plastic wrap and then use apply the paper or cloth and stiffening. 

Carve a Mini-Pumpkin - from Two Green Thumbs

Cloth Pumpkin Doll - by Craft Tales

Coffin from Eyeglass Case - from a Small Hearts Desire

Halloween Baby House- Carolyn Roach

Halloween Cart - pedlars cart by Joanne Swanson

Halloween Cupcake Shop - from About.com

Halloween Garden - by Alexandra Blythe

Halloween Hatbox 1 and 2- from Dragonfly International, goes with Straw Hat Tut

Halloween House Tutorial - by Asuka Sakumo

Halloween Leg Lamp - Greenleaf tut by Deb Roberts

Halloween Miniature Scene- Tutorial by That Artist Woman

Halloween Projects - from About.com

Halloween Prep Table - by Sarah Maloney

Halloween Shop - by Joanne Swanson

Lighted Crystal Ball - Greenleaf tut by Deb Roberts

Mini-Spider Candy Dish by Mishelly's Zoo

Make a Mummy - PDF File

Make a Spider Web - from E-how

Moon Costumes - RL sized but wonderful ideas for your little Halloween trick or treaters!

Mummy - from The Art of Darkness. Would be good for crime scenes, graveyards. There are other tutorials as well - look for the poison label generator.

Pepper's Ghost - illusionary Ghost setup

Pumpkin Cakes - by Eve of After Dark Miniatures

Pumpkins - CDHM tutorial by Sandra Keller Palesch

Pumpkins from Puka Pods - from Haunted Dimensions

Trick or Treat Tutorial - by Cynthia Howe Miniature

Use Miniature Techniques to Make Parts for Halloween Costumes - from About.com

Whoopidoart - by Pat Benedict

Crystal Balls -by Lisa Neault for King William Miniatures & Collectibles


Miniature Halloween Videos

  •  YouTube videos about miniature projects related to this subject

Halloween Candy - from I the Crafter


Halloween Research/ Inspiration


Miniature Halloween Tips/Hints

  • Kids love candy bars in their trick or treat bag, and there are printies available for them, or you can scan wrappers and resize them to print. Lots of polymer clay candies you can make and wrap in cellophane or saran wrap. Easier idea would be to wrap small colored beads in cellophane. Make pumpkin or ghost cookies, popcorn balls, or poly clay suckers on a stick, and wrap. You could probably make some suckers by coloring some Dimensional Magic or similar product and dropping small circles of it on a non-stick surface, insert a small piece of broom straw, and let them dry, then wrap. Boxed candy such as Cracker Jax and Dots. If you can’t find printies you can always take a box apart and scan it.

Ideas about what is needed for these projects

  • links to inspiring pages 

Celebrate All Hallows Eve - Pinterest board by Jennifer Silverio. Some hilarious ideas here!

Halloween - Pinterest board by Debbie Wright

Halloween - Pinterest Board by Gary B Sokol

Halloween - Pinterest Board by Yvette Adams

Halloween Costume Contest - Instructables, 2013

Halloween Invitations and Labels - from Pinterest  (Amelie Bernard)

Halloween Inspired Furniture - from this Old House

Themed Halloween Games for Kids - from Family Fun

  • ideas for shop names
  • YouTube videos about the subject



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