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Miniature hats, hatters, hat shops and other hat projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas

A hat makes a finishing touch to any dress.

Also see pages with shop tag.

Don't forget flowers can be pinned to a hat, bags or clothes!

For RL shops selling miniature goods, see shops


Links to miniature projects

  • photo albums, blog posts, webpages 

Engineers Hat and Train Whistle - in 1:12 scale by Mary Ciccolella of "dont make a scene".

Flapper Hats - from BJD magazine

French Hat Shop - QS project by Betty Turmon

Hats - by Pikkutalo

Hat, Purse and Shoe Swap - from Polymer Clay Central

Hats - by Kazumi

Hats - by Gracee White, Flickr album

Hat Shop - deFord Millinery

Hat Shop - QS project by Fern Rouleau

Hattery Flattery - by Wanna in El Paso

Ladies hats - by Beckie and Denise

La Modiste- by Beatrice Thierus

Les Chapeaux - from Mininounours

Milliner's Worktable - from Travels to Siam

Students Hats - from Deb Laue tut, Dragonfly International



  • Blogs concentrating on hats or categories/labels about them in blogs

Kat the Hat Lady

The Fedora Lounge - RL size forum


  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to hats.


Supplies for sale

  • Supplies needed for making hat projects.

Doll Artist's Workshop - Michelle Mahler

Dragonfly International - wide variety of lace, trim, hat straw

Hat Straw - From Doll Artist's Workshop

Mad Hatter Projects - from Cynthia Howe, DVD tutorials

MiniKitz - click on clothing and accessories, and trims



Miniatures for sale

  • Do you have a section for hats in your shop? Add a direct link here.

Men's Hats - from Miske Miniatures

Minimilliner - UK

Hat boxes and hat kits -  from Dragonfly International

AnasDollsDesign @ Twitter

Judith M Hats and Supplies

Ladies Shop Hat Display Pole - from Cynthia Howe Miniatures

Miss Amelia's Miniatures



  • Books about miniature hat projects (also books with chapters about them)


Instructions for miniatures


Miniature printables



  • Wallpapers that go well with hat projects

Mad Hatter Wallpaper/Background Stock


Other Printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to hats

Printable hats - from About.com



  • links to sites showing how to make items related to hats

1920's hat - CDHM tutorial by Janine Crocker

Action Figure Men's Hats - in 1:6, but can be adapted

Ascot Hat and Purse- by Minidollights

Brimmed Hat - from MSAT Minidolls

Chapeau for Constance - by B. Thierus

Christmas Pillbox hat and Muff - from the Creative Doll

Coil and glued cotton thread hats - painted colors of choice

Cowboy Hat - from About.com

Crochet Brimmed Hat - by Loes Snoodijk

DI Designs Hat Patterns - ideas for hat design from real life

Deerstalker Hat - by Lucie Winsky

Felt cowboy hat - from About.com

Felt tricorne - from About.com

Flapper Hat Tutorial - from BJD Magazine

Floral Headdress - from BJD Magazine

Four Different Hat Styles - from Dollshouse Miniatures Club

Gainsborough Hat  - from Minipatterns

Graduation Mortar Board - from About.com

Hat and Purse Set - by Margaret Grace

Hats from Cardboard - RL, but shows how to

Hat and Wig Stands - from Doll Divas (1:6)

How to Make a Hat Base - from Threads Magazine

Man's Hat - from Minis Sole blog (Spanish)

Making Felt Hats- from One Sixth Warriors

Marie Antoinette Hat - from BJD Magritte

Millinery in Miniature Lesson 1 - by Cynthia Howe

Millinery in Miniature Lesson 2 - by Cynthia Howe

Millinery in Miniature Lesson 3 - by Cynthia Howe

Millinery in Miniature Lesson 4 - by Cynthia Howe

Millinery Decorations - from MSAT Dolls

Miniature Hat Tutorial - from NualaMary (Spanish)

Pheasant Hat - from Minipearls, scroll down to see

Puritan's Hat - from About.com

Queen's Hat - copy of the yellow one worn to Will and Kate's wedding, from Casey's minis

Simple Hat - from Casey’s Minis

Southern Belle - MSAT Dolls - scroll down to hat

Straw Boater - from About.com

Straw Boater - from Creative Doll

Straw Hat - by Eve

Straw Hat - from Creative Doll, for larger doll, but can be adapted.

Straw Hat - Deb Laue, Dragonfly International

Straw Hat - Hazel Dowd

Sunbonnet - PDF file from Scott Publications

Top Hat - by Natalie Paquette

Top Hat - by Idzit

Victorian Hat - by Gina Bellous

Victorian Hats - The millinery workroom or atelier is the creative laboratory where hat designs are transformed from ideas into reality. See a hat come to life.Neat video about making a victorian hat.



  •  YouTube videos about miniature hat projects



Research/ Inspiration



  • Hat stands -use a foam ball squeezed onto a head shape, or a plastic grape for the top. The stand can be a golf tee. Paint the same colour. Or use a chess piece.
  • Hat boxes - cover a pre-cut wooden shapes (circle, square, hearts) with paper, glue a small ribbon around the top to simulate a lid, and decorate with embellishments of choice
  • Hats perched on top of the doll's head look as though the hat is wearing the doll, and it should be the other way around! To avoid that, dress the doll completely without wigging, make your hat and decorate it. Then glue to the head. Adjust the position to look natural, so the head is in the hat. Gaps between the hat and head can be filled with bits of cotton ball.Now fill in the hair using tweezers. Start from the bottom, glue in layers. Curls are last, around face, ears and forehead.
  • Use buckram or cross stitch material, dampen and from around a desired shape, Fasten in place with an elastic band, remove and trim to size 


Ideas about what is needed for hat projects

  • links to inspiring pages

Chapeaux Haute Couture

China Hatter - by Michael Zu

Hat base - from Threads Magazine

Hat-astic - Pinterest Board by Sydney Derby

Hatter's Tools - from The Fedora Lounge

History of Hats - fantastic site with illustrations for hats since the beginning of history, from the Village Hat shop.

Horse Hat - from Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Hats

Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot - from UK Guardian

Mad Hatter - Pinterest board by Rosie Sobiesiak

Rosebud Miniature Hats - large scale, but some wonderful ideas!

Royal Wedding Hats

Steampunk Top Hat

Vintage Hatbox


  • ideas for shop names


Over the Top

  • YouTube videos about the subject


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