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Miniature knitting projects for dollhouses, room boxes, and dioramas


Knitting with needles - is there anything more relaxing? See also crocheting.


My Trade with Wawamum

Links to miniature knitting projects

Sweater and accessories
autumny colours
By Lu Posh

Now knitting! Something for 1/12 scale doll.

Now knitting! for 1/6 scale doll
mini knit, 1/12 scale
dollhouse 1:12 momoko 1:6
  • photo albums, blog posts, web pages


Traditional Finnish Jumper - by Miniasiat


Miniature Knitting Blogs

  • Blogs concentrating on knitting or categories/labels about it in blogs

Chrystal's Designs


Miniature Knitting Groups

  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to knitting.

Mini Knitting and Crochet

Casting Purls - Resources for knitting in miniature in 1/12th scale, including where to purchase supplies, instructions, and some basic patterns.


Miniature Knitting Supplies for sale

  • Supplies needed for making knitting projects.

Buttercup Miniatures  -  UK For 1/12th and 1/24th scale miniature knitting and miniature crochet patterns, yarn, needles, kits and accessories for dolls houses

Helena Petite Fashions - UK patterns, knitting supplies

Miniature Needlework - by Beverley Ann

Sue Osborne - UK



Miniature Knitting for sale

  • Do you have a section for knitting in your shop? Add a direct link to that item here.

Bug-knits - by Anthea Chrome

Jans Minis - UK

Las Minituras - by Zoe, wedding dresses., baby layettes

Mini Knitting - by Jeanette Fishwick


Miniature Knitting Books

  • Books about miniature knitting projects (also books with chapters about it)





Instructions for miniature knitting 


Miniature knitting printables


Miniature Knitting Wallpapers

  • Wallpapers that go well with knitting projects


Other Miniature Knitting Printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to knitting


Miniature Knitting Links

  • links to sites showing how to make items related to knitting

Free Patterns- from Berroco

Free Patterns - Buttercup Miniatures

Helena Petite Fashions - mohair jumper and socks

Knitting Bag - from Meapunto

Knitting on Needles - done using polymer clay

Knitting Needles and Yarn - (1:6 scale) from Underfoot Workshop

Polymer Clay Knitting - or Marzipan, from Daily Muse. Either way, brilliant!
Start Knitting in Miniature Scale - from The Spruce

Yarn Balls - from Kathie B's Minis


Miniature Knitting Videos

  •  YouTube videos about miniature projects related to this subject





Knitting Research/ Inspiration

Learn to Knit  - This site is well set out, and it handles both LEFT and RIGHT hand knitting
in easy to follow steps.


Miniature Knitting Tips/Hints

  • Knitting basket - Wind colored thread over small balls of clay, secure with glue.  For the excessively patient, use real yarn and  and unwind each "ply" of lightweight baby yarn or crewel yard and wrap the clay ball using only 1 ply. Embroidery thread in a non-shiny finish  resembles yarn.  Place the yarn balls in a wood bowl or a basket. Add a couple of long pins which have been painted to resemble knitting needles. Add a reduced photocopy of your knitting pattern...and there you have it!! To add a little more realism:  Drape loose end of yarn over edge of basket & in other "natural" positions. Apply a little glue to your fingers and pull the yarn end through them...then the yard end is positioned, it'll stay put.  Knit a few rows onto the "needles"! Or cheat and use a piece of woven material threaded onto the needles. 

Ideas about what is needed for these projects

  • links to inspiring pages

Knitted Gardens - Pinterest boards

  • ideas for shop names
  • YouTube videos about the subject


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