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Dollhouse miniatures and dolls magazines in different languages

Feel free to write readers reviews to describe the magazines to other miniaturists.

Also, see books for reference material, book for little magazines for little people

News Stand 1:12 Scale Miniature




In Danish 


In Dutch


In English


Internet Magazines (I-mags)

Artisans in miniature - free web magazine (Reader reviews: )

The Miniature Way - CDHM Magazine


In Finnish

Magazines for members of Nukkekotiyhdistys (Reader reviews: Great pictures and interesting projects featured in many scales, published four times a year), Päijät-Hämeen nukkekotiyhdistys and Suomen nukkeyhdistys are available for members only.


In Japanese

Dollybird (Reader reviews: )

Dolly Dolly (Reader reviews: )

Dolly-Style Magazine (Reader reviews: )

My Favorite Doll Book Series (Reader reviews: )


In Spanish

Miniaturas (Reader reviews: beautiful big pictures, inspiring magazine for all miniaturists even if they do not know Spanish)


In Swedish

Miniatyrvärlden (Reader reviews: )


Wiki members featured in dollhouse magazines


Private Stock on the Cover


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