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Flickr photos

Flickr is the most social photo service with its many ways of networking. You can collect contacts, join groups or start galleries. Join Flickr today and be part of Mini treasures popular group.


Note: Flickr has changed the embedding of pictures. Here is an copy of their explanation and a link to the help page.

  • The HTML is now in the Share This > Grab the HTML menu above the photo on its photo page, it is no longer on the All Sizes page.
  • Please also note that the Share This menu is a setting that each member has control over, so you may not find this menu available on some pages. That setting is here



Ante new dress



Mini treasures wiki´s group

If you have an account in Flickr you can join our own group.


"The Mini treasures group pictures from Flickr are shown in the slide show on the main page of the wiki (minitreasures.pbworks.com) and some of the pictures may be added in the sub pages as well.

The Flickr photos in the wikis are embedded which means that if you move your mouse over the picture you will see the originator and if you click it you will be able to add the comments/favorites in Flickr.

Only Flickr group members can post pictures to the pool."


Personal albums

Ann Kozkick

Joan Allnutt - 30's Dollhouse, some 1:4 scale, fairie houses and Tara

Ben's minicreations - wine bar, ghosts, food. Aging distressed scenes.

Bonnie's Minis - Bonnie from Denver

Cheryl Kerfoot

Don't Make a Scene - also check Mary Ciccolella"s profile for contacts - Lots of albume to look at!

Hannajaleijona - dollhouse, garden scene, fleece animals

Hnuttle - Victorian dollhouse, bakery, Newport, Thornhill

jjminit - Halloween, Lundby

Jksue  - Oriental food, picnic items, drinks, laundry

Kimhotep - preserved and mounted fairies

Knitpurr- puki puki dolls

Lundby - by Püppilottchen

Maniera - miniature sets for stop motion movie

Megipupu - cakes and dollhouse accessories

Millimari's miniatures

Miniaturemadness - storefront facade, baker, ghost - very large album, lots of projects

Minicaretti - food, kitchen

Minis on the edge

Minna L-H - jail, conservatory, Moomins, crochet work

MUFFA - fantasy fun animals in crochet

Nallemama - needlefelted animals, birdhouses, furniture and accessories

Petit Plat - food items, Halloween

Planet Elsita - Frida Kahlo's studio

Presepista - food

SirLe - Fairfield, Beacon Hill

Suryani Shinta - baby doll sculpts, BJDs

Sumaiya Mehreen  - Oriental dolls

Hotazuru - mostly food, sometimes wooden furniture 


Group albums



Dollhouse miniature

Handcrafted 1/12 miniatures




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Linda McD said

at 7:35 pm on Jun 29, 2010

OK, slideshows seem to disappear when the page is edited, like videos often do. I have tried a dozen times to get it back again, with no success!

johanna janhonen said

at 7:02 am on Jun 30, 2010

ok, i'll check it, no worries darling :)

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