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This page is reserved for testing

Picture size is restricted on the wiki because of the data space taken up, and to conserve space in the wiki. Some of you may have uploaded pictures from your computer so large that you get a message something like " this is over ..size and cannot be displayed". ,So the viewer has to click on download. You cannot display the picture on a page,

Remember, size is 30 kb or 240 pixels. Not very big, doesn't really show detail.



This picture below is 512 pixels, too big for a wiki page.

This picture is 240 pixels, and a lot of the detail is lost. As the picture above, it is a  single picture, can't see anything else from this artist. Picture has to be labeled according to the page, Here it would be nursery.a.jpg

OK. what if I embed the picture from Picasa?

I can chose from Thumbnail,

Pretty small, huh?

But click on the picture and you are taken back to the original album, and an enlarged picture. If you click on the magnifying glass you can enlarge and examine parts of the picture more closely. Also you may see other views of the project, if included in the album. Also no worries about what to name the picture.

If you are selling, you can enter your contact info in the caption.

Like this:


Click on the picture above, the caption gives the info. If you click on fabric items, you can see other projects.

For this apron, I could embed the thumbnail in the miniatures for sale section of kitchens, food, baking, etc.  If I had a picture of the apron on the door, or being worn by the cook, I could put a larger size picture on ONE of those pages. (There are lots of pictures out there, we don't want to repeat them except where selling)






Same again, you can enlarge this picture, and you get back to the original album where more detail is available.


So these images don't take a lot of space up in the wiki, but detail is still there. As far as I can see, Flickr doesn't have the magnifying function that Picasa has.








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