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Tags used in Mini treasures wiki


What's a tag? is it a bookmark? A keyword?

See the video below, which explains tagging.


Banksy was here


Why to tag

Wiki pages can be kind of flat, but by using tags to group similar pages together, we can build on and expand the information.

Anyone can add new tags so they can't be listed all in this page (but all of the tags used in the wiki are here).

Tags already in use for an individual page are shown in view format. See the upper part of the right-hand panel of each page->



It is best to tag a page in edit mode, where you can see the entire list of tags, and avoid duplicates.

Anyone can add a new tag and there can be several tags in one page. For example, the pizza page has tags like italian, food, fastfood & european while pumpkins' tags are food, vegetables, halloween, american, food.

  • click the edit button
  • scroll to the bottom of the page
  • click on edit tags
  • review the list, which is in alphabetical order to find the tag you wish to apply. Click on that tag.
  • If the tag you wish to apply is not there, type it in the tag bar (lower case, one word)
  • click save - you are DONE!


Alphabetical order guidelines to keep in mind:

  • use lower case
  • use one word preferably
  • if 2 words are necessary, separate them with a space bar (shift on the hyphen button) OR no space between words
  • numbers appear first in alphabetical order, then letters



List of tags

See all tags here.




We have tags for:

animals -for animal pages (like dogs)

christmas - for all pages related to Christmas (e.g. Santa Claus)

clothes - for pages containing clothes tips

colors - for colorful pages (like black, blue or pink)

design - for design pages (e.g. Unikko)

diy - for pages containing Do It Yourself tips

dollhouses - for dollhouse pages (e.g. Lundby)

dolls - for pages related to dolls








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