Miniature water effects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas

Ponds, Rivers, Lakes, Fountains - how do you make them?

Also see ice, snow, fish

For ice skating, see winter

Consider water splash techniques in the bathroom, laundry, kitchen. What about those beverage. or food spills?

See also mermaids, sushi, Mediterranean, beach, pirates, water, boats  marine and seafood



FountainSide by Nancy (nobleday)http://s26.photobucket.com/albums/c143/nobleday/?action=view&current=fountain2-1.jpg#!oZZ25QQcurrentZZhttp%3A%2F%2Fs26.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fc143%2Fnobleday%2F%3Faction%3Dview%26current%3Dfountain2-1.jpg%26

Links to miniature water projects

Closeup of Fountain by Nancy (nobleday) http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c143/nobleday/fountain.jpg
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Supplies for sale

Delux Materials - water effects

Kleer Coat Table Coat Epoxy

Tar Gel - for spill effects, available from Dick Blick. See tips and hints below.

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Running  water in fountains:


  • Using E-Z Water - It dries very fast, so you must act quickly. Work with small amounts and don't overheat it or it will turn brown. Use a teaspoon for pouring the water into the right places, especially for when making running water for ponds and fountains
  • Look  for Realistic Water and Water Effects in the model railroad section. This stuff is so easy to use, dries clear and made a fabulous clear creek bed and waterfall for a campground. It needs no mixing, comes in medium-sized containers and takes a few days to dry between pourings. Be sure to clean off the cap and bottle top with water after use so they don't stick together. Soaking the stuck bottle and top upside down in warm water will also loosen the top. With Realistic Water, you can pour 1/8" at a time, let dry, add more until you get the depth you want. It helps to use a bit of acrylic paint to color the bottom of your basin to give it the look of being shadowed. Realistic Water turns cloudy during the first few days after each pouring, but clears up. It has a tendency to dry a bit concave, but adding more will take care of that, and it's not really all that visible. Once poured, don't mess with it if you want a clear finish. Also, it is permanent and can't be moved oo removed after it starts to dry.