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Miniature hair and wigging projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas

Are you wigging a doll? What kind of hair style?

also see salon, character dolls, DIY character dolls

pic here

Links to miniature hair projects

For adoption Barbie OOAK: Sonya: a Star of the Silent Cinema
E_Ville Society
Vintage Barbie wigs!

the wig

  • photo albums, blog posts, webpages


Miniature Hair Blogs

  • Blogs concentrating on hair or categories/labels about it in blogs

Wigs category in Tarja┬┤s Crafts


Miniature Hair Groups

  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to hair.


Miniature Hair Supplies for sale

  • Supplies needed for making hair projects.

Doll Hair - OOAK Artist Emporium

Doreen Sinnett - pre-waved doll hair

House of Caron - viscose wigging

Little Trimmings - wigging

MiniKitz - doll hair

Minidolls - doll hair


Miniature hair or miniature wigs for sale

  • Do you have a section for hair in your shop? Add a direct link to that item here.


Miniature Hair Books

  • Books about miniature hair projects (also books with chapters about it)


Instructions for miniature hair projects


Miniature Hair Printables


Miniature Hair Wallpapers

  • Wallpapers that go well with hair projects


Other Miniature Hair Printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to hair


Miniature Hair Links

  • links to sites showing how to make items related to hair

Advanced Doll Wigging - CDHM tutorial by Nicky Cooper

CDHM Wigging Tutorial  - for your doll or fairy by Nicky Cooper

Dyeing Doll Hair - from Van's Doll Treasures

Dyeing Doll Hair -from Dolly Hair

Dyeing and streaking Viscose - from Aleah Klay

Dyeing Vicose with Kool-aid - from Frills and Fancy E-zine

Edwardian Upsweep - from Cynthia Howe

Egyptian Style Hair - from Regalia on Webshots

Fix Frizzy Barbie Hair - from Housing a Forest

Fix Frizzy Barbie Hair - from Cookie and Claire 

Hairbrush and Mirror - from About.come

Implanting Hair in a Tonner Doll - applies to Barbies too! French site, needs translation

Learn Doll Wigging - CDHM Tutorial by Nicky Cooper

Make Doll Hair with CP Paste - from Cold Porcelain Cuties

Pigtails TUT - by Hellie

Ponytails - by Gina Bellous

Pulling Hair, Wigmaking for Beginners, Caring for your Wig - from Sharon Maggott's minis

Regency Hairstyle - Cynthia Howe Miniatures

Re-rooting Hair - from Dolls n Daggers

Saran How-to's and Basics - from Pucch Collective Dolly Lifestyle

Selecting Hair - from Roxibabe

Tips and Tricks for Doll Hair - by Valkrye

Wigs for BJD  - Veronica Degli Esposti makes wigs for ball-jointed dolls from Tibetan fur

Wigging 101 - from the Newbie Hangout, Miniature Arts

Wigging 1 - Minidolls List

Wigging 2 - Minidolls List

Wigging your Doll - - from CDHM artisan Nicky Cooper

Wigging with Viscose - from ooakartist Emporium, PDF file

Wefting Hair - by Antoinette Cely

Wigging Belle - video by Stacy Hoffman, Edwardian Bun

Wigging Byrony - TUT by Sharon Maggot

Wigging a Man - by Gina Bellous

Wigging a Man - pictorial

Wigging a Woman - by Gina Bellous


Hair Research/ Inspiration

Dressy Hairstyles - from Hair Boutique

Edwardian Hairstyles - Pinterest board by Jennifer Thompson

Elizabethan Hairstyles - from Extreme Costuming

Italian Renaissance Hair Taping

Historical Hairstyles - from Eras of Elegance

Vintage Hair - Pinterest board by Vintage Zaza


Miniature Hair Tips/Hints

  • Viscose is the same fiber as rayon.  There are other types of hair products, like mohair and other fibers like silk, which are great for hair. To test how silk performs, use a scrap of silk fabric and pull the threads. Keep it neat. Then spritz and wind around needles for curls etc. Very workable. The mohair  can be out of scale, so it depends on your skill at manipulating the fibers. Real hair is too big, out of scale for miniatures.
  • Want sparkly fairy hair? Sprinkle diamond dust on hair after the doll is wigged.
  • Blow Dryer - Take an old mini headphone set & clip off the "male" end of the headphone. Next clip off the point of it & then mold clay around it to make it the same thickness as the rest of it; painted to match. The wire on the end is 2 plies stuck together just split it to get a single cord. 

  • You can flatten out a strip of wigging and press it into your pleater and leave it to dry there..
  • You can braid a dampened piece and let it dry... then carefully unbraid it.
  • You can make a fat ringlet by wrapping a strip of wet or damp wigging around a knitting needle or other plastic tube-shape.  Let dry, and then slide off and pull apart.
  • Take a bit of the hair, tear it to pieces, flatten into a "mat" and using a lot of tacky glue, glue it to the bald head. It takes only a little hair, and make it very thin while still providing full coverage. Establish the hair line in the front, sides, and back. Then start adding the final layer of hair. The "mat" gives the final layer something very secure to adhere to, so the style becomes the focus, not coverage. Takes much less hair to wig the doll, and is more realistic. Work slowly. Don't concentrate on one area too much, let the hair make suggestions to you as you work. Use minimal glue, secure an area and move on, then go back, add a bit of glue and push the hair into it. A bit of hairspray (very lightly) is the last touch.
  • To make a part, fold the viscose over a pin.Run a very small amount of glue along the outside of the pin and fold over about a quarter of an inch, then gently press the fold as you pull the pin out, you should have a nice line which you can then glue to the centre or side of the top of the dolls head.
  • Run glue down the center front of the doll's head and lay a strip of hair over the glue, lying down the side of her head. Allow to dry then flip the hair over to the other side. Then run a strip of glue next to the part line and lay end of hair over the glue with the remainder of the hair resting on top of the first strip of hair. Let dry... then flip hair over to the other side. You now have a center part.
  • If a doll's hair looks dry or damaged, try spraying with Son of a Gun Tire protector - really, it does condition the hair without being oily.
  • Metallic knitting needles make nice big fat curls or really dainty small ones. Either dampen the viscose and wind it around the needle and then put it in the oven to dry,or be really brave and wind it around the needle and then gently put the flame from a cigarette lighter to it to remove all the frizzies. Be careful if you use it on mohair as it can just suddenly go up in flames!! IMHO, the best hair for making curls is viscose as it seems to hold the curl much better than mohair.
  • Use the night time to your advantage. Spritz and curl while watching TV, and then just before bed, set them out to dry. In the morning, all good. Put a little mousse on your hands and wipe it around the curls before allowing to dry. For those little curly bangs, like a little fringe around the head, take one of the small curls, and snip into little curls. Glue individually around the head
  • Removable wigs can be made before the doll is dressed, so the style is neat and the dress is free of glue. Start by wrapping the head really tightly with sandwich wrap, make sure there are no wrinkles where the hair will be glued. Put an elastic around the neck , then paint a pleasing hairline with glue quite thickly add a circle of thin gauze. You can either let this dry or start adding the hair. Then do the styling and let it dry over night. The next day  cut the elastic and gently peel off the wrap, peel the wig off the wrap and voila! a removable wig.

Ideas about what is needed for these projects

  • links to inspiring pages

Hair!  - chronology of hair styles through the years, Pinterest board by Elizabeth

  • ideas for shop names

Clip Joint

Get Clipped

Goldie Locks

Hair Apparent

The Hairapist

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Mane Event

Shear Delight

The Shearing shed






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