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Twitter accounts related to dollhouse miniatures worth following


Mini treasures wiki is on Twitter - but who else is there? Go ahead and add your favorites.

Miniature Weekly:: Week 24





Tweep = a person who is tweeting

Tweet = a piece of text, image, video or combination written on Twitter.com, with a 280 character limit. People can tweet in public or share them only with people they approve.

List = a person can create a list of tweeps she is following (recommending). Usually, the tweeps in a list have something in common, they can be, e.g. miniaturists or Barbie fans

#channel = with the help of # people can follow interesting topics or find new tweeps to follow. See e.g., #dhminis





Add here popular hashtags for miniaturists and doll lovers






To ensure the people you are tweeting are noticing it use @reply i.e. include the "@account_name" in your answer.

tweets mentioning @minitreasures

Loading http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?q=%40minitreasures…



Mini 4 fun/miniatures

Miniature Tutorials

Minis On The Edge/miniatures

The Curious Attic/miniatures



Tweeps tweeting about dolls and miniatures

Public accounts



Private accounts

Dana Burton - owner of Minidoll List


Private people selling their miniaturists on Twitter


MiniDoll List

Angela's Minis

Karin Bohusch

Linda Peabody

Marilyn Hughes

Dorothy Farrell

Bonita Lea

Terri A. Davis

Jackie Wilkinson

Shelly Norris

Pat Jackson

Marianne Asselman

Rhonda J

Marilyn Parkes

Trish Hurley

Christiane Lourier

Liandra Sutherland

Fran A Schwartz


Companies on Twitter



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