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Miniature flowers and other flower projects for dollhouses, room boxes, and dioramas

See also gardens, greenhouses, floristlandscaping, plants and potting

Also other pages with flowers tag.

*Don't forget flowers can be pinned to a hat, purse or clothing!


Links to miniature flower projects

Flower Arrangement (119/365)
Miniature Flower Shop

a chair for janay

50er Kibri Haus - Blumenständer
Blumenwagen - Bodo Hennig 1964 - flower cart 2
Dollhouse Miniature 1/12 Scale Flower Arrangement Books
Tiny House Flower Shop
Catch it up !
L' amour
Dollhouse Miniature 1/12 Scale Macaron Wedding Display
1969 VERO Puppenstube - Blumenständer 2 
frl. blücher presents... 
  • photo albums, blog posts, web pages



Flower Blogs

  • Blogs concentrating on flowers or categories/labels about them in blogs

Flower Show Miniature Settings - by Louise Krasniewicz

MiniFlowers - Monica (Peaches) Burns Lake, B.C.


Flower Groups

  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to flowers.


Flower Supplies for sale

  • Supplies needed for making flower projects.

Bluebells - state flower of Texas - kit from the Miniature Garden

Dollhouse Miniature Supplies for flower or gardening projects. Highly realistic miniature foam for flower pots, or to mimic grass - by Pei Li  


Japanese Rice Paper

Dick Blick

Hanky Panky -scroll down to bottom of page

Pearce Miniatures - sells packs of rice paper for flower making (you get 6 sheets of 5 x 6 inches) quite reasonably - a good manageable size for painting.  They also sell the heavier, crepe-like, silk linen paper for thicker leaves and flowers.  It can be more heavily worked and scored for flowers where you want more substance and depth (also 6 sheets of 5 x 6 paper)

  • also, check Michaels art dept.



Flower Soft Review - by About.com



Hooked on Miniatures - punches in all scales


Miniature flowers for sale

  • Do you have a section for flowers in your shop? Add a direct link here.

Dollhouse Miniature Flowers - by Pei Li

Ladies Mile Miniatures - UK

New Stencils for Making Polymer Clay flowers - Angie Scarr

Pearce Miniatures

SDK Miniatures - lots of several scales, (USA), plants, furniture, structures, and kits handcrafted by Susan Karatjas are available

Tumdee Dollhouse Miniatures




  • Books about miniature flower projects (also books with chapters about it)

Making Miniature Flowers with Polymer Clay - Barbara Quast

Bread Dough Flowers in Miniature - Barbara Meyers




Instructions for miniature flowers


Miniature flower printables


Flower Wallpapers

  • Wallpapers that go well with flowers projects



Other Flower Printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to flowers

Lady making a bouquet from Barbara1969 VERO Puppenstube - Vorhang


Miniature Flower Links

  • links to sites showing how to make items related to flowers

Belladonna - by Claude

Bird of Paradise - from Mi Pequeno Hogar

Botillon (Boot) Flower Pot  - by Katy

Bougainvillea - from Mi Pequenas Hogar

Carnations - from 1 Inch minis by Chris, little red wagon arrangement

Carnations - Minipat

Cold Porcelain Recipe -by Cynthia Howe Miniatures

Crepe Paper Flower Favors - from Ohhappyday, would have to be scaled down

Crocus - from Jicolin Minis

Cyclamen Plant - by Dorothée Chabot from Smallstuff archives

Easter Lily - from My Miniature Obsession 

Daisy - from 1 Inch minis by Chris, little red wagon arrangement.

Flower Arranging- Flower arranging by Janit of Two Green Thumbs

Flower Border - CDHM Tut by Tracy Topps

Flower Tutorials - from New Clay News

Flower Pots - from Littleroomers

Fuschia - pictures 

Geranium - by Mini Mansion

Geraniums - from 1 Inch Minis

Gladiolus - from My Miniature Obsession 

Iris - from My Miniature Obsession

Jonquils - from Les Maisons de Miki

Lilac Blossoms - from About My Dollhouses

Lilacs by Flor (Spanish)

Lilacs - from Mi Pequeno Hogar 

Lily - from MiniQuest

Lily Bouquet in Silk - by the Creative Doll

Morning Glory - from About.com

Nail Polish Flowers - from The Best Crafts

Nail Polish Flowers - from Dollhouse Miniatures Club

Paper Flowers - by la Vie Miniature

Passion Flower Vine - from About.com

Petunias - CDHM tutorial by Era Anderson Pearce

Poppies using stencils - Angie Scarr

Potted Orchids - Dada's Dollhouse

Sugarplum Flower Tutorial - from Ideas for Scrapbookers

Tiffany Effect Flowers - by Clay Valley

Traditional Hanging Baskets - from About.com

Tulips - from The Spruce

Trumpet Daffodils - by Joann L. Swanson

Wire Flowers - by Ellie in Amsterdam. (similar to nail polish flowers above)

Wisteria Plant - by Mi Rincon Miniaturil



Research/ Inspiration about Flowers


Miniature Flower Tips/Hints

  • Using a mouse pad, or a piece of foam, the kind in the kid's craft section,  poke tiny pinholes in it, mist the foam and then using the stylus press your petals into the pinhole. That makes a "tight" bloom.
  • When making punched flowers, always spray/mist your mousepad with water, then sprinkle petals on surface and shape. A wet surface helps the petals retain their cupped shape. 
  • Good choices for making flowers are rice paper, (in the art department at Michael's), and white coffee filters. Rice paper can usually be found at stores that sell art supplies, like Dick Blick. Both papers can be colored with almost any media and stand up to water well. Use watercolors and thinned acrylics and try to color unevenly, to create different shades of a color.
  • To use crepe paper, iron fairly flat (ridges remain). Then iron two sheets together using Wonder Under.  Then you can punch the flower parts directly from the paper without needing a sheet of regular paper to stabilize the crepe paper.  After the flower is assembled, you can then use thinned acrylic paint to add details. Also, Japanese crepe paper is used for flower making.  This crepe paper is thicker and more finely grained than the paper that is in rolls and used for decorations (see supplies section).
  • To use tiny containers as flower holders, drip some melted candle wax in about halfway, then insert the stems as it starts to harden. This technique can be used for outdoor planters and if the wax needs covering, use some dried apple seeds scattered on top -- looks just like wood chips. 
  • Wire and enamel can be combined in a cloisonne effect -from About.com  Also, look at the video below.

Ideas about what is needed for these projects

  • links to inspiring pages

Flower Pot House - from Gardeners Supply

Flower Truck Transformation - from Junk Market Style

Miniature Flowers and Plants - Pinterest board by Lerryn Meza

Miniature Gardens, Plants, and Flowers - includes some bonsai, Pinterest board by Christa Masri

Miniature Plants and Flowers - Pinterest board by Ersilia F. Tuts and printies for flowers, leaves, and plants

  • ideas for shop names

Back to the Fuchsia 

Flower to the People




  •  YouTube videos about miniature projects related to this subject

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Another World Miniatures said

at 6:37 pm on Aug 23, 2011

Oooohh! Don't you love flowers? I've just started trying my hand at carnations, mums, Gerbera daisies, and a flower trellis. Now our club is making potted bamboo. It's amazing how one little spider plant or a vase of flowers just completes a scene.

Wonderful source page for flowers.

johanna janhonen said

at 10:05 pm on Aug 23, 2011

Thanks for your comment - it is always nice to hear how our wiki is being used :).

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