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English projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas



This page describes English projects or projects about England.



An English Country Sitting Room


Yorkshire Dresser (12th scale)
Onslo, a character from BritCom "Keeping up Appearances" by Luci Winsky Dolls http://luciewinskydolls.com I.G.M.A. Artisan /Certified D.A.G. Doll Artisan
pic here
RED, WHITE & BLUE living room
Springtime on the terrace
cats watching a moth on the ceiling
These spaces are for the pictures (e.g. miniatures/dollhouses/dolls/scenes).

Pages in this wiki



Links to English miniature projects

Buckingham Palace - featured in the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan, in Taipei, and  perhaps its most breathtaking piece is a startlingly intricate recreation of Buckingham Palace. The work of British miniaturists Kevin and Susan Mulvany, it recreates everything from the royal family’s fringed curtains to the surrounding peasants’ homes.



Important Seasonal holidays in England


Famous people from this country

  • King Henry V111 and Queen Elizabeth 1
  • Churchill
  • Beatles 


Other projects related to England

Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood - of Her Majesty's British Navy, by Rita B.

Ascot Outfits - by Helena Bleeker

English Farmhouse - from Pipminis

English Townhouse - by Linda in Ohio

Kensington Walled Garden - by Shane Downs, Hyland Miniatures

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee - by Pat Wareing, in LittleRoomers blog

Tollhouse - by Cathy Russell, in 1:24 scale, based on a 1772 tollhouse found in England.


Instructions for English miniatures







Miniature printables




Other Printies



Do you know a group dedicated to mini projects related to this country, no matter in which language the discussions are held? Add a link here



Blogs about mini projects related to this country

Tudor/Medieval/Jacobean/Queen Anne Blogspot - Nina Scott-Stoddart


Miniatures related to this nation for sale

Post links to specific items here

Gollywogs - from Swan Miniatures

Gollywogs - large size but good for ideas, from World of Miniature Bears

Royal Gnomes -  made to celebrate Queen Elizabeth 11's Diamond Jubilee


See also



Books about miniatures and other projects related to England

Diamond Jubilee Tea Set -  from The Mail Online



  • Note: projects made by English miniaturists about something other than England should go on the appropriately headed page. e.g. Japanese scenes to Japanese page
  • Groups and blogs mentioned on this page refer to miniatures about England.


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