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American projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas



This page describes American projects or projects about the United States.


Sophie Challenge 1 - Nationality

Mimo Bistro set #6 American
Never Forget
Chocolate donuts
The Next American Idol: Bubbles!
Hall of Presidents David & Carol Huffman of Davesattic Miniatures
Re-Ment Dreamy American Life #3
Dreamy American Life #10
Postcards & Photos
9 These spaces are for the pictures (e.g. miniatures/dollhouses/dolls/scenes).



Links to American miniature projects


American food projects

Donuts, Barbeque, Hamburgers , Campbell's Soup, Coca-cola, apples (for pies), popcorn ...(continue the list)


Important seasonal holidays in US

Valentine's Day

Mother's Day

Fourth of July




American Public Holidays - from Wikipedia


President´s day:


Famous American dollhouse projects

The White House


Famous Americans

Michelle Obama

Elvis Presley

Marilyn Monroe


Other American projects

Chicago or NY Brownstone - by Bill Langford

Hail to the Chief - oval office by Angelhare

Barbara Streisland's Miniature Display

Harley Davidson

Las Vegas Located in Hamburg, Germany, Miniatur Wonderland features a brightly lit Las Vegas land includes Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, and even Area 51. (The Braun brothers seem pretty into UFOs.) 

Shadow boxes shed light on African American history - LA times article about roomboxes created by Karen Collins

Souvenir Display - by Wakefield Lady on Flickr

Vassall Craigie House  - by Cookie Zeimba. George and Martha Washington were residents of the Vassall-Craigie House, celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary there and stayed nearly one year during the American Revolution (1775).


Instructions for American miniatures




Miniature printables




Other Printies

Colorado Miniature PaintingLittle George Washington paper doll


American Groups

Do you know a group dedicated to American mini project no matter in which language? Add a link here



Seattle dollhouse shows


American Blogs

Blogs about American mini projects


American Miniatures for sale


Post links to specific items here:


See also


American Books

Books about Amerian miniatures and other projects



American Vintage Homes




  • projects made by American miniaturists about something other than the United States should go on the appropriately headed page. e.g. Japanese scenes should place the project on the japanese page.

  • Groups and blogs in this page are about American projects done by a Finn, an American or a French 

  • To be added: blogs_american and home_pages_american





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