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Wiki ABC - how to get started with Mini treasures wiki


This page is for people new to the Mini treasures wiki.




PB&J School Lunch Magnet
A Flower Fairy Alphabet

Get to know Mini treasures wiki


Mini treasures wiki in a nutshell

In autumn 2006 Johanna Janhonen established a wiki for Finnish speaking miniaturists (Nukkekotiwiki) which is now known and regularly used by almost all Finnish miniaturists. In April 2009 she realized that there was still no dollhouse wiki in English so this wiki was born. The wiki is targeted to miniaturists all over the world - this is the place for sharing tips and links, finding new ideas, and making new friends. Read more about the background and see how the 1st birthday party was celebrated. See also MTW_two_years


What is this wiki thing all about? To be frank, I find only pages with  very little content and my favorite themes are totally missing from the projects folder

Give us time honey, we have just started this huge project! We will add new content whenever we find something we want to bookmark for ourselves. Why don't you start adding your bookmarks here too -  we'll be so thrilled if you do! The more people we have contributing, the faster  we'll have links under every title on every page (we will get our 1000th wiki page pretty soon). But actually the nature of a wiki is that it is never completed, but it's always under construction! So if you find errors or broken links, please correct them so that our readers dont get frustrated!


One easy way to help us is start adding tags to the pages.

For example:

for oysters: food, seafood, animals, sea, French

for bananas: food, fruits, yellow, African, monkey

for Santa Claus: Finnish, north pole, Christmas, fairy tale, fantasy, presents, Coca-Cola...

The tags help you to navigate to cool pages.


And if you want to see new pages you can create them or ask us to do them via wanted_pages.


Wiki members

Who are we? See wiki_members and interviews.


Wiki news

Find the major wiki news in the Mini treasures blog. You can also subscribe to RSS feed about wiki changes or order emails. Or start following us in Twitter or Facebook!


How to start contributing



How to edit this wiki?

It is recommended to start by reading the wiki_faq. You need an account. Check the editing instructions by Pbworks or just learn by doing. If you have problems, email Johanna.

When creating new pages

  • please follow the naming conventions
  • and don't worry about about making mistakes, the moderators will correct your mistakes as soon as they can and they are not frustrated about the work but happy about the new page somebody created :)
  • add some content in it as pages with no content but titles are frustrating for readers.


How to get my images to the main page?

Get yourself an account at Flickr and start posting photos to our group


Promote the wiki

 If you like the wiki you probably want to recommend it to others as well. That is easy, just add a wiki button or link to your home page/blog or use Facebook's Like feature here:

See also spreading_the_word




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