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Mexico from the view of a miniaturist


What does Mexico  offer to miniaturists, both local and tourists?

Think fiesta, piƱata,


This is the place for the picture (e.g. from a fair, club meeting, exhibition or miniatures made by local people).

8 These spaces are for pictures (e.g. from a fair, club meeting, exhibition or miniatures made by local people)

Dollhouse hobby history of Mexico

  • summary of early beginnings in the hobby

Popularity of miniatures, approximate number of miniaturists, most popular scales

  • the most popular scale is ... also ... and ... are used
  • there are about ... miniaturists and doll lovers and there are ... associations: 

Well known Dollhouse Projects

  • The most famous dollhouse is ...
  • See museums for places to visit

Famous trademark related to dollhouses/dolls/miniatures are...

  •   list local trademarks here


Famous artisans, miniaturists, writers

  • name of the artisans and link to their home page




Add upcoming events for Mexico on the appropriate date. This calendar can be embedded on your personal blog or website and it updates to current events automatically. see Littleroomers


Photos, web pages, shops and blogs

The wiki blog page lists blogs by language.

see Mexican for all other pages in this wiki related to this country


On-line Digests

Digests which discuss Mexican minis



Add links to Mexico's national and local clubs here, along with contact information.



Check wiki photo_exhibits page.

List regularly scheduled shows by month and location e.g. September - annual show x, and link to website.


FAQ for people living in this country

As a newbie miniaturist, what should I know?

Where can I find the materials I need?


FAQ for visitors

Where can I find miniatures in an average town in this country?


What are the craft shops called or are there other places to try out?

Terms used for:


flea market= kirpputori or kirppis

department store=




toy shop=


What should I buy as a souvenirs?


When a friend of mine is going to this country, what should I ask her to bring me?


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