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Welsh projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas



This page describes Welsh projects.


Dragon head

Links to Welsh miniature projects


Welsh food

  • Traditional Welsh food
  • Laverbread, not actually bread at all but seaweed, is often fried into crisp patties with eggs, bacon and fresh cockles for a traditional Welsh breakfast.
  • Welsh afternoon tea with Bara Brith (which translates as speckled bread), a wonderful sticky fruitcake smothered in butter. Or Welsh Cakes, a type of scone cooked on a stove-top griddle, or flat currant cakes made on a bake stone
  • Cawl is like a Lamb stew made with all the cheap cuts like neck and scrag end with root veg. A real winter warmer.
  • Leek soup - leeks are a national symbol
  • Corgies and Fairies - Pinterest search. Did you know corgies have a little imprint like a saddle and there is a Welsh legend that fairies used them as steeds.


Projects in the Wiki:

See link to food page

Anybody made a mini dish from this country? List it here.


9 These spaces are for the pictures (e.g. miniatures/dollhouses/dolls/scenes).

Important Seasonal holidays in Wales

  • St David's Day - Welsh national day, March 1. Want to wish your Taffy friends a happy St David's Day in the Gaelic? Dydd gwyl Dewi hapys, pawb. (Translation: Happy St David's Day everyone!)


Projects in the Wiki:



Famous people from this country


Projects in the Wiki:


Other projects related to this nation: what are the most well known items from this country?

From Peacocks to Dragons - by Annie Willis, in About.com

Not so Fresh Fairies - eeeuuugh! looks like a Halloween scene!

Welsh cottage - from days gone by Emma Metcalfe, who won the Dollshouse Emporium contest  for her ‘Snowdonia 1890 montage


Instructions for Welsh miniatures





  • This link has a lot of videos about real Welsh life after WW2


Miniature printables




Other Printies



Do you know a group dedicated to mini Welsh projects, no matter in which language the discussions are held? Add a link here



Blogs about Welsh mini projects


Miniatures related to this nation for sale

Post links to specific items here:

Welsh Wall Clock

Welsh Dresser - looks a lot like Michaels hutches to me!

Welsh Dresser

Welsh Lady and Inspiration picture1 and 2- by Kathi Mendenhal

See also



Books about Welsh miniatures and projects



  • Note: projects made by Welsh miniaturists about something other than Wales should go on the appropriately headed page. e.g. Japanese scenes to Japanese page
  • Groups and blogs mentioned on this page refer to miniatures about Wales.


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