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Miniature projects - roomboxes - inside a book


World is full of books nobody wants. Why not save one and create a roombox (or shadow box) inside it?  To get started you need to remove the pages and build a narrow box between the covers or glue the pages together and cut a hole in the middle.


The Little Mermaid cover by Fern Rouleau


Links to miniature projects

Book Roombox by Lydia Brophy
Shelf room
Burn the Remembrance


  • photo albums, blog posts, webpages

Bookbox - by Beth Bergman, Minimanor

Books Hide a Secret - by Barri Adair

Books Library - by Fern Rouleau

Bookbox Gallery - by Hannelore Strehler-Baur

Bookbox Gallery - by Shannon Moore

Built of Books - by Frank Halmans

Cookbook Hallmark Kitchen - by Judith Ferguson

Craftsman Room - by April and Ron Gill

Easter shop - by JJ

Gepetto's Workshop - by Fern Rouleau

Hatmaker Room - by Kristine Hill at the Fall 2010 Seattle Dolls House Miniature Show.

Inspired by Provence - by Evelyn Martin

Kitchen in a Book - Beth Bergman, Minimanor

Murder on the Orient Express - by Fern Rouleau

Scene in a book - by Betsie Treurnicht

Santa's home - by Marja Nurmi.  Made in a plywood book.

Tolstoy Book - from Cazro's Mini Property

Wife of Bath - by Wanna in El Paso



  • Blogs concentrating on book projects or categories/labels about book projects in blogs



  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to book projects


Supplies for sale

  • Supplies needed for making book projects.

Michaels sells paper mache books

Secret Books - make 1:144 scenes


Miniatures for sale

  • Do you have a section for book projects in your shop? Add a direct link here.

Bookboxes - by Shannon Moore


Instructions for miniatures



  • links to sites showing how to make items related to book projects

Easy Empty Book Box - from Crown Hill Blog

How to Hollow out a Book  - in 80 easy steps, from Heather Rivers

Make a Hollow Book - from Craft Pimp forum

How to Make a Secret Hollow Book - from How to Do Stuff



  •  YouTube videos about miniature book projects


Miniature printables



  • Wallpapers that go well with book projects


Other Printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to books



Research/ Inspiration



  • Clamp the book with the front cover open and use a craft knife and change the blade often. Use scissors to cut up the right side of the book. Scroll saws, moto-tools and drills cause the cut edges to be slightly rough, and make the book appear twice as thick. You don't have to do a four-sided cut - just two. Do not cut the front inside cover page if paper is attractive. You want to leave the pages intact on the top and side opposite the spine. That will leave a margin of pages that looks like an upside down and backwards "L". There will be no pages showing on the bottom of the book. Slice through where the binding attaches to the cover. While still clamped apply glue generously to inside cuts of the pages. Force white glue into pages, but not enough for it to show through exposed parts of pages. For multiple books repeat leaving the back cover of one book and the front cover of one book uncut. Use contact cement to glue books together. Build a box to insert in the hole where pages were. The end that meets the front cover will be open. The plywood box provides rigidity to your finished book-roombox. Cut a hole for window or door in the wood box and in spine of books. Apply paint, wallpaper, flooring, molding etc in box before inserting box into books. Apply lots of white glue to outsides of wood box, except the bottom. (unless you want to permanently mount the finished project to your worktable). Slide wood box into hole in books, clamp and leave it alone - the longer the better. Apply window molding. Wallpaper the front inside cover page that you left intact, or your choice of wallpaper, over box opening and cut out opening.
  • Paper mache books from Michaels; glue real covers to the outsides and paint the top and bottom to look like pages. Then cut the smaller bottom and top sections and paint to resemble pages. Those are easier to cut and work with. (You can photograph the top pages of a book, print out and glue all around top, side and bottom edges unless there is some scrapbook paper that looks like the edge of a book?)
  • Saw the top and bottom edges of books (about 2" or so sections?) which are then glued to the outside of a roombox. The edge books are then glued to form the outside of the box. To eliminate the weight, use fake books on the ends, (get rid of inner pages) or put a wood or cardboard insert inside the book covers and cover the edges or paint to look like paper.
  • Use cardboard/foam core and for the bindings. To cover the books - paper towel rolls cut in half, then painted or wall paper. Try a faux leather finish.

Ideas about what is needed for book projects

  • links to inspiring pages
  • ideas for shop names
  • YouTube videos about the subject



  • Books about miniature roombox projects in a book (or with chapters about them)


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