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Miniature fire projects for dollhouses, roomboxes and dioramas


See also waterfireplaces , firemen, camping ,candles


Pot belly stove detail


Links to fire miniature projects



  • photo albums, blog posts, webpages


Fire in blogs

  • Blogs concentrating on fire or categories/labels about it in blogs

Redoing the Firehouse - from Petitemoonbeams


Miniature fire groups

  • Discussion groups, forums (or forum categories) and photo groups dedicated to x.


Miniature Fire Supplies for sale

  • Supplies needed for making x projects.


Miniature fires for sale

  • Do you have a section for fires in your shop? Add a direct link to that item here.


Fire books

  • Books about miniature fire projects (also books with chapters about them)

Instructions for miniature fires


Miniature fire printables


Fire wallpapers

  • Wallpapers that go well with fire projects


Other fire printies

  • Book/magazine covers related to fires


Miniature Fire links

  • links to sites showing how to make items related to fires

Fire/Embers/Coal - from the Tudor Dollhouse, how to make a simple and very inexpensive electrified fire/embers/coals unit for your dollhouse

Flickering Fire - from About.com, using LED lights

Fireworks effect - from About.com

Love Potion 999 - Tori West from Minimotion describes making embers for this scene. For the embers, make a blob of the glue about the size you want your bed of embers to be, add little sticks (with the bottoms painted blackish brown for more realism) and let that cool. When the glue has cooled cut into it in various sections so there are more edges that look like wood that has burnt down, then dry brush some black, dark gray and light gray over the edges. You can light this with a red, or combo of red and yellow LEDs - (I made the glue part first so I could move the lights around and see which side I liked best, but, you could also just make the glue blob over the LEDs. You want them on their side, shining through the blob, not coming from the bottom). In my case, once I figured out where I wanted them, I cut holes for them into the embers/glue blob and covered them with more glue, touched up with paint where necessary. We used 3 LEDs for the fireplace and 2 for the embers she has pulled out of the fireplace for her cauldron



Miniature fire videos

  •  Videos about miniature projects related to this subject


Research/ Inspiration about fires


Miniature Fire Tips/Hints

Ideas about what is needed for fire projects

  • A quick way to make a fire is to use little real twigs, and glue them in a pile. After they are dry, take some fine glitter (the kind suspended in glue) and carefully spread it at the base of the logs. Also spread just a little on the logs themselves. Not as good as the lights in the middle of the logs, but it looks realistic and its quick. Be sure to bake or microwave the twigs before starting to eliminate any little critters.  
  • Loosely crumple up candy foil in gold, red and/or yellow and gently smoosh small pieces between and around the fire logs, they will appear to glow. No hole beads will catch the light and make it glow. Lightly burn or scorch the twigs to give a really realistic fire look.
  • Smudge the fireplace above the opening for all those times the flue wasn't opened before the fire was started!
  • To make flames, put a small amount of clear bath caulk on wax paper and pull it into flame shapes with a toothpick. It can then be colored. Also, stick ash or glitter into a blob of clear caulk under your twigs, while still wet. Glue the thin flame shape onto the back of a log.
  •  You may find Azaleas have the perfect scale branches for minis. If you use paperclay, push it into banks near the base of your fire and drift it up the sides of the firebox...let dry. Use a piece of clear plastic, paint and cut it to represent flames and place in your logs. Secure the pile with a blob of silicone..flames on top. Flicker bulb underneath.
  • Look at photos and advertisements for fireplaces.. .get the feel of WARM
  • For ash - use cigarette or wood, or cigar ash sparingly.
  • Glowing embers - use little flat backed red crystal beads. (check the $ store around Valentines Day ) Place them in just a couple of places. When the light hits them, they look like glowing embers. Try red glitter glue or gold glitter glue as well for two different colour effects.
  • For a log carrier curl a black paper oval gently into shape with black and/or silver and/or brass coloured embroidery floss as the handle and edging? Use little beads for feet. Looks great with logs stacked in it.


Links to inspiring pages



Ideas for shop names dedicated to fires



Videos about the subject



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