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December 9, 2013

Hi dear friends!

Third year of taking part in the Advent-calender and very happy to be here! 



from  mikropragmatakia.blogspot.com

and https://www.facebook.com/mikropragmatakia


I made a little tutorial for you, again using the "trash to treasures" method...which is my favourite! :)


How about a Christmas dinner table ?

In my house , everyday routine with laying the table is mostly quite simple and quickly done...but i love a beautiful table for Christmas, when having family and friends around! :) 

This is my doll house version...you can choose your own colour-combinations/fabric etc! 

I tried to explain further down, step by step.

It is easy to make, just find some time and a tiny bit of patience :) 


As a CD or Dvd for the table is not that small..i suppose this tutorial is best fitted for 1:12 size! 


So..what do we need? 

Just some "things" we might have at home anyway :)

an old cd/dvd...or 2 ...( you might want to make more tables ) 

1 5teller auf cd


blisters from medication, 2 sizes- a bigger and a smaller one! 

2 tabletten dinger


little "plates" , inside covers of soft-drink bottles

3 teller(1)


some "twigs" from plastic Christmas tree

4 6zweige biegen


nailpolish- or other- colours

some threads

fabric for the table-cloth

some pieces from paper-napkin to cut out tiny napkins!

glue ( i still love using the very simple wood-glue) 


some little pieces / sheets of paper (always useful) 

optional : a paper/card puncher with a small design ( i used a "snowflake " one) 

5  3stanze tabletten



optional : a Led-candlelight


6 9 zweige led1


How to :)


  • paint the little plates
  •  make punches ..if you want them as decoration on the plates or the table! 
  •  paint the punches
  •  cut out the blisters, according to number of plates, 1 small one , one bigger one
  •  paint edges of bigger blisters
  •  cover with paint the smaller blisters
  •  let dry well!!
  •  glue painted punches to the plates, glue smaller blister UPSIDEDOWN onto the plate, glue bigger blister onto the small one! 
  •  trim/cut away the "needles" of the false tree twigs (3 twigs for a table , or more if you want!) 


for the "led candle table" :

  • bend one edges  of the  three twigs as shown to become the legs, bend/form upper end to hold the led-candle. I also put some thread around them to hold them in place..make a knot, or cover thread with glue! You can lateron also paint      that part or put some "gold" around it! 
  •  apply glue and put in the led-candle ( watch out NOT to put the little switch under the candle into the glue ! ) 
  •  cut out the hole in the middle of the fabric/tablecloth, put it onto the cd
  •  you might want to also make a "ring" of paper or fabric to put onto the tablecloth in the middle of the table, depending how you want to decorate the led-candle ( i made a lantern to put over it! ) 
  •  pass it over the "twig-ledcandle" construction! 


for the simple table:

  • again, bend the three twigs for legs
  •  cover/glue paper to the cd
  •  bend the upper parts of twigs and glue onto the center of the papercovered cd
  •  in order to make the twigs stick better, again cover them with glue and some stripes of paper, gluing tem to the cd
  •  Let dry well!!!
  •  continue with tablecloth.


Decorate your table with the ready plates , cut out the tiny paper-napkins ( or make some from cloth..) ...and then run off to kitchen to cook the real life Christmas dinner! :) ( i know ...there should be drinking-glasses, knives and forks and spoons...well try your fantasy...and you'll find some! :) 



7 w4

8 w3


9 w2








10 w5


( glue hadn't tried for this picture...but i wanted to show the led-light! :) 



Have fun!

Merry Christmas to all! 

With love and mini hugs, Anne


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Comments (2)

johanna janhonen said

at 11:07 pm on Dec 9, 2013

Thanks Anne and Merry Christmas to you :)

Lisa T said

at 5:30 am on Dec 10, 2013

Great ideas Anne. Thank you for sharing. I love the blister pack idea and the gold plates.

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