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December 10, 2013


Merry Christmas!!  I'm Jennifer from the UK and run JS Miniatures and I'd like to introduce you to my cute Christmas laser cut kits.


Meet Rudolph with Santa's Sleigh.  A 1/12th scale kit but also perfect as a table decoration.

1 Reindeer + Sleigh Painted wm sm

Then let me introduce you to the smaller kits....3 inches


2 3inch_painted


and fitting into a small matchbox we have the tiny 1/48th scale kit...


3 Matchbox

4 48th_set_angle


For something a little bit different I also specialise in lighting for smaller scale kits.  If you think you can't find a light small enough then have a look at these:


A 1/48th scale Christmas market stall lit with a tiny nano LED!


5 Market_Stall_Lit

A 1/48th scale house - can you see the lights?  More tiny nano LEDs. 

6 Mulberry-House_Exterior  7 Mulberry_House_Interior_2


Thanks for having a look and hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.


To see more of what I do you can visit my pages:


Shop: http://www.jsminiatures.co.uk/

Blog: http://blog.jsminiatures.co.uk/

Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JSMiniatures

Shop: http://www.smallscalelights.co.uk/


Do you also sell miniatures? See shops page and add link to your shop too :).


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