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December 23, 2013


Country Cottage Christmas


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my country cottage vignette. The original design is by Janet Brownhill, a British artist whose miniatures I greatly admire. While staying fairly true to her design, I have added twists of my own. The vignette has lots of paper clay work, and features a lovely Christmas tea set, as well as many miniatures I made myself.


christmas box 002 


It has snowed just enough to give a dusting that makes everything sparkle. The cottage is decorated inside and out for the season. A last-minute parcel waits outside the door.


 christmas box 003


The kitchen hutch is laden with goodies; vegetables with dip, a golden turkey, Christmas pudding, and lots of greenery and fruit. A gingerbread house sits on top of the pie safe.


christmas box 004 


The birds haven’t been forgotten, either. Two chickadees are pecking at seeds on the window sill, while another waits on the woodpile. At the side of the woodpile, a tiny shrew is hoping to pick up spilled seeds.


christmas box 005 


The Christmas tree is lit and decorated and visible through the window in the door, just an indication of the warm welcome waiting within the cottage.


If you enjoyed the Country Cottage Christmas, please drop by my blog, http://pulchinellascellar.blogspot.ca/ where you can see more of my miniatures. I work mostly in the Tudor/Elizabethan era, but also have some modern vignettes and display pieces. As well, I add the odd tutorial here and there, either embedded in the posts or in specific how-to posts. If you are in the Canadian Maritimes, you may find me at the CFB Shearwater Hobby Show each April in Dartmouth, NS or at the Moncton Miniature and Doll Show in May in Riverview, NB, usually with display pieces and some hand-made miniatures that I sell to finance my hobby. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Do you also love Country Cottage style? See country_style and cottages pages and help us to improve them :). 


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