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A Mini treasures wiki tradition - our dollhouse miniature advent calendar 2015



Welcome to the seventh annual advent calendar!


  How many days until Christmas?



The earlier calendars





advent calendar 2013


have been really popular  

so of course we want to continue this tradition :).


For the kids :


 Editorial notes:

  • Each date on the calendar links to the page for that date. Clicking on the link will take the reader to the page.
  • After the page is claimed, the security for that page will be locked so only author and moderators have access. (Keeps everyone from peeking until the reveal date.)
  • If prizes are offered, contestants must have a MT wiki account and comment on the page. 



For newbies:

 Assuming that you have an account and have signed in, and reached this page.  (Your name should appear in the upper right hand corner, next to account, logout and help.

1) Click on edit. (Upper left hand corner, 2 tabs: view and edit) Cursor down to the calendar and select the day you wish to reserve. Ignore the linked number for now, enter your name in the box.  Cursor down to the bottom of the page and click on save. Don't forget to save!

2) Move your cursor back to the date you selected, click on the number link. That will take you to your page. Click on edit, and do your thing! Again, don't forget to SAVE!



Page 1  

Inge Zieres


Page 2 

Linda Cummings


Page 3 

Angela Harper


Page 4

Puzzle Completed

Page 5 

Marianne Colijn


Page 6 

Dollhouses for Kids


Page 7 

Chris V 


Page 8 

Wilna R


Page 9

Luba Barnes



Page 10 





Page 11

Preble McDaniel


Page 12 

Kathy Valent



Page 13 




Page 14

Maureen Heuchert


 Page 15 

Tammy Witthaus 

Page 16 



Page 17

Mary Ciccolella


Page 18 




Page 19 

Carolyn Denning



Page 20 

Pat  Stoughton


Page 21



Page 22

Janet Granger




Page 23 

Linda Roebke



Page 24 

Lillian Barton




Page 25

Marco Spiteri



The Advent calendar starts on 1st of December, and every day from then on, until Christmas Day a lovely treat will be revealed.

If and when you want to participate,

  • Log in to your wiki account. Click on this page's edit tab.
  • Choose a date between 1 and 24, be quick since there is room only for 24 people (one page per person). Enter your name on the calendar. Save the page.
  • Then click on the number link for the date you wish to reserve, which will take you to that calendar page. Click the Edit tab and enter your name. Then fill your page with a Christmas themed mini surprise, Pages should be completed by mid-November. See wiki_faq for help: how to log in, edit, add links or pictures etc. If you are using Flickr see the instructions on how to add Flickr photos to our wiki.



You are also encouraged to promote the Advent calendar for your contacts. Use the buttons below e.g. in your blogs and web sites or use the Sharing options to one of your favourite social media service.






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Comments (1)

johanna janhonen said

at 8:14 pm on Dec 1, 2015

Thank you for Linda for all the work you have done for the calendar. I just enlarged the numbers so that it is easier to hit them with your mobile phones. It would be nice to hear if we can do other improvements for you easier access?

And do help use spreading the word about our calendar. So every time you see a page you like, share it with your mini friends, will you? :)

Greetings from Finland, yours Johanna, who has been way too busy with life (family with kids, my own company and the volunteer work I do for Wikimedia movement and for Finnish community managers). I miss you and I hope I can have more time to spend with you again in the future.

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