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December 5, 2015


Getting ready for the 5 th of December.




Here is Saint Nicolaas at work in his office. For hundreds of years he has celebrated his birthday december 5th by giving presents to all childeren big and small who have been good all year.

Presents are delivered into shoes that children put near the chimney at night. They  put carrots and hay in the shoes for Sain Nic's horse.

In his little office here you see him writing in his famous red book which holds all the names  and if they have been good or not and what presents they would like to get.

He is surrounded by gifts ready to be wrapped and traditional treats like chocolate letters, chcolate images of himself, different kinds of cookies and toys.

The paintings on  the wall show him and his helper Peter at work.


Marianne Colijn ac151205

 From Marianne Colijn in the Netherlands. See her blog Marianne's Miniverse  where she shows how to make the 3D picture shown above. 


Here is the completed project.

Marianne Colijn ac151205


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