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December 7, 2015


Merry Christmas 2015!

(And a Happy Birthday to me, too!)


By Christine Verstraete


So, what kind of mini Christmas scene are you working on?


I had a greenhouse sitting around for a while that I had no idea what to put in, until it finally dawned on me. Of course! Why not a Christmas scene?


The fun thing about working in miniature is you don't have to always do a big project. Sometimes a smaller scene can be just as satisfying to work on, the bonus being you'll get it done faster!


So, here's this year's project:


Here's the greenhouse. I wrapped a LED strand around the outside since the house top lifts off the base.  I also draped one of those snowflake strings across the top door.                                                                                          



I had finished the tree, but added some lace and sparkly turquoise ribbon for garland and a few ornaments which added a little extra "something." I absolutely love the new LED lights with bendable wire which are easier to drape.



I'd originally thought of doing a Christmas store in another roombox, but changed my mind, so I put the cabinet in here. Many of the cakes and teapots are made by my Dutch friend, Kitty, who has a real gift for working with clay. We started out as pen pals before emails when her kids were little. Her daughters are now adults with their own children! We still enjoy trading and exchanging mini Christmas gifts each year.


TIP: I made the mini Christmas tea jars from clear pony beads. Add a label and top with several punched pieces of cardstock painted gold. For a tall jar, glue two beads together. Cover with paper and a label. Top with the painted cardstock punched circles.  The green jar on top is a large ceramic bead with other beads glued on top.


TIP: Decorations from old Christmas cards were perfect for decorating the cabinet doors! I used scrapbook paper on the inside shelves.





What's a mini scene without a dog? ha! I try to have at least one dog in every scene I make.



Some of the assorted Christmas goodies.



I hope your Christmas is wonderful, and that you have a fantastic and blessed 2016!


* If you're looking for something for someone's Christmas stocking, or want to treat yourself, how about a book?....

* In Miniature Style II - Print and ebook - additional projects, plus a new chapter not found in book one, profiles and more... See links on website



* Book one (In Miniature Style) is also on Kindle now with a new cover. (Same introduction, with several projects and a short story not found in version II.) 



* Or how about a lighthearted mystery with minis (Searching for a Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery) for kids (and the young at heart?) What happens when friends Lita and Sam search for a missing miniature replica of Van Gogh's Starry Night with the help of their Dachshund friend Petey? (Print, ebook and Kindle - see all links.)  And I forgot my little Christmas story, too! Had to use my minis for that cover! http://cverstraete.com/ebooks.html




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